Can cats eat raw meat?

There has been intense debate on this issue of feeding raw meats among cat lovers. Many say it is safer; others say risky, and they don’t recommend it at all. 

But here in this article, you can have a clear briefing on it. 
Cats are predators in default and love eating the prey; their carnivorous nature requires meat in their diet to fulfill their nutritional needs. So, this may include raw meat as well. 

Usually, they are known to prey on tiny creatures that are eaten raw obviously and strengthen to this statement we all know that; the ancestors of cats are pure hunters feeding on raw meat.

So, yeah, it is a YES, Cats can eat raw meat. Yet, you should not just blind feed them with raw meat. There are some pros and cons in feeding raw meat and many safety considerations to be followed. 

Many vegetarian pet owners back off feeding raw meat to cats due to a lack of knowledge of how and why to feed them. 

The facts of potential risks introducing raw meats are although undeniable; there are dangers of bacteria, parasite, and contamination, but contradicting that cats have a small gastrointestinal tract that processes the meat fast and good stomach acid levels that break down protein and kill bacteria alongside.

The raw meat which you are willing to give your cat must be of organic range and chemical-free. Quality is much more important and should be fresh.

Get the high-grade meat from a trusty source all the time and prefer changing the varieties like choosing chicken, pork, bacon, eggs, fish, etc.

Remember, the meal should be balanced out by including other stuff as well, or else your feline friend can face malnourishment. 

What are the benefits of eating raw meat for cats?

  • Cats consuming bones can be prone to fractured teeth, obstruction of gastrointestinal, and perforation. So, to minimize the risk, feeding must be raw to them.
  • Cats are evolved by absorbing fluids from the prey, which are essential for growth. Raw prey contains almost 70% of cat’s water intake compared to dry food. 
  • Raw meat is stuffed with a good amount of proteins and nutrients for cats, which are lost when cooked.
  • Raw seafood has a good source of amino acids present in it, especially from eggs and yeast.
  • Many cats enjoy the texture and smell of raw meat; hence, making many pet owners introduce taurine supplements and raw meat to eat. 
  • Raw meat bones have calcium content high compared to cooked one and become brittle, which harms them while eating so raw serves under supervision does good to your cat.
  • Cooking or mincing the raw meat would eliminate essential nutrients because of the oxidation effect.

What are the risks of eating raw meats for cats?

  • The main risks associated with raw meat is bacteria. Pathogens like salmonella, e-Coli, listeria, campylobacter, and clostridium are the biggest concerns. They make your cat sick and inactive.
  • Parasites are another biggest concern of consuming raw meat. Toxoplasmosis gondii is an intracellular parasite that is very harmful to them and causes internal problems.
  • Some parasites may even affect pregnant mother cats very severely. It can lead to congenital disabilities risk for the unborn baby.
  • We never know raw meat infected earlier with a parasite; a similar example is that cysts containing larvae are mostly found in pork meats. So, eating such raw meats can cause severe problems for cats.
  • Unclean raw meat feeding for your cat can cause fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and illness.

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