Can Cats eat Eggs/Raw Egg/Egg shells?

As a pet owner, one must be aware that cats have a different kind of digestive system compared to humans. But despite the difference in the digestive system, some of the human foods are not toxic to our feline friends but definitely will affect if fed in over quantities and with some additives. So, Egg comes under this category. It becomes a problem when overfed but healthy in moderation.

           Yes, cats can eat eggs and healthy too for them. They are carnivores in nature and requires protein which is adequate in Egg. Similar to that of meat, eggs can give your cat the right amount of protein.

Adding to that, eggs are easily digestible food for cats and contains amino acids that help your feline body to maintain a good lean muscle. Eggs also have a clear benefit of vitamin B6, B12 and D and essential minerals like zinc, copper and iron.

           Eggs are merely an excellent source of taurine concentration which is the most essential element for cats that suffering from critical heart diseases like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and dilated cardiomyopathy.

These diseases are indirectly related to taurine insufficiency and can be controlled by feeding a proper diet of taurine supplement foods. So, eggs consisting of taurine are one of the excellent food sources for the cats suffering from the above diseases. 

           Coming to the quantity of Egg to be fed, firstly you need to know that a whole egg is about 90 calories and cat requires 200-250 calories per day which may sometimes even depend on the weight of the cat too. Hence, this shows that eggs must be fed in minimal quantity limiting to 10% of their diet.

There is an equation relating to this like, one Egg for a cat can be the same that of nine eggs for humans considering with their metabolic rates.

So, feed them less, and Egg alone cannot satisfy their nutritional needs and can invite dietary deficiencies as well.

Can cats eat raw eggs?

Similar to humans, cats can also be harmed by having raw meat, raw fishes and raw eggs. So, it’s a big No for cats to have raw eggs. Bacteria like salmonella is present in raw eggs which is truly not good for cat’s health.

Raw eggs can be contaminated, and also, there is potential for zoonotic bacterial infections in cats if eggs are fed raw. Therefore, we can say uncooked eggs contain more bacteria and risks.

Cooking or boiling would kill bacteria and pretty safer to allow cats to consume. Even the raw egg whites are bad for cats. An innate protein called avidin present in it can bind the biotin in cats resulting them not to absorb it. So, this is harmful too for your feline friend.

Specific symptoms in a cat can tell you that they are poisonous towards eating raw eggs like vomiting, Diarrhea and lethargy due to salmonella or E and coli bacteria present in it, which cats cannot corrugate.

Can cats eat Egg yolk?

           The best part of Egg is its egg yolk. Many cat experts say cats require a lot of calories and egg yolk can justify your purpose and suitable for your cats to consume it. Raw egg yolk is absolutely not safe for cats; only the cooked one serves good calories for your cat.

Egg yolk, along with proteins, also contains choline, folate and vitamin D in it, which is very crucial for body growth, immunity and good for eyes & brain of cats.

Despite high in calories, egg yolk is high in fat concentration and also is stuffed with the good number of vitamins and minerals. So, high doses of egg yolk in the cat diet will cause many problems further.

Can cats eat eggshells?

Eggshells can be said as one of the healthiest foods for cats. It is known for its calcium and protein content which cats require a lot. Mostly in a homemade cat diet, your cats get to eat a lot of phosphorous but less calcium as you don’t include with any crushed bones in it.

So, without calcium, your cat can become deficient and should face health issues in the long run. This feeding or sprinkling the crushed eggshells in the food can benefit your cat more, or else lack of calcium creates dental problems too.

Crushed eggshells also consist of vital elements like copper, zinc, magnesium, boron, manganese, iron, silicon, molybdenum and Sulphur in it. Hence, you can say it has all sorts of nutrition your cat requires.

Fine eggshell powder is also considered safe and has an advantage of mixing it in the regular diet with other foods. This powdered eggshell serving can eradicate the risks encountered by swallowing the eggshell fragments such as choking and esophagus.

 Apart from benefits, eggshells do have a danger of bacteria, in order to avoid boiling the shells that would clean and kill them and avidin present in whites binds biotin which cats cannot contract so always remember to feed eggshells in moderation despite its huge benefits. ¼ teaspoon of eggshell per ¼ pound of meat is the ratio which you need to feed your feline friend.

Can cats eat scrambled eggs?

           Scrambled eggs are something that can be added to your cats’ diet, which is very soft and digestible to them. Thorough cooking of scrambled Egg is mandatory or else it stays raw, which is not so good for cats.

Also cooking these scrambled eggs with oil is what one has to be cautious about because it contains the right amount of fats instead, use butter which is tastier and also lactose intolerant that serves good for your cat health.

Remember to give a limited proportion of scrambled eggs and only feed them as a treat or snack kind of. Avoid any sort of toppings, sauces over it.

Can cats eat poached eggs?

           Initially, Poached eggs are something where you find the white portion of the Egg is cooked hard, and the yolk is going to be runny soft. Cats love poached eggs for its softness and easily digestible benefit.

Don’t serve the poached eggs with additions of salt, excessive oils, sauces, toppings, seasonings etc., like a man ready dish. This kind of cooking method of eggs can reduce risks of cholesterol oxidation, and your cat almost has all the nutrients entirely from it. 

Eggs usually either hard or soft, which is properly cooked always beneficial for feline’s health. This dish is mostly suitable for cat’s that need an immunity boost and gain some healthy weight out of the calories. Nutrients such as thiamine, lysine, riboflavin are very crucial for cat’s growth.


           Overall, we could say eggs are damn good food for your cats to feed, which is full essential ingredients that a cat could definitely cherish having it.

Expect the raw Egg, the eggshells, poached eggs, scrambled eggs and egg yolk are absolutely an excellent food for cats especially. The cats that look for different types of food in the diet regularly.

Watch your dogs while they eat eggs because some cats might be allergic to Egg and always ask your pet while you introduce Egg into their diet. Feeding eggs in moderation is what we recommend strictly.

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