Can cats eat bacon? Risks of Eating Bacon

Yes, cats can eat bacon it is not toxic, but it is not recommended usually for cats for its wellbeing. Cats are obviously carnivores and meant to eat meat, but bacon meat could be the poor choice for the cat. Bacon when fed occasionally to cats is completely good and that too in very minimal amount so as to get satisfactory protein supplement from it. Otherwise, your cat has to face some health issues if huge amounts of bacon are given.

What happens if cats eat bacon? Risks of eating bacon for cats?

Bacon constitutes a great deal of fat and lots of sodium in it. The fat present in bacon can lead your cat to become overweight and stresses your heart functioning. High cholesterol levels may sometimes result in arteries blockage and an increase in blood pressure. Felines cannot handle excessive salts will results in salt poisoning as well.

Bacon also contains phosphate in it which is really awful for male felines that are male cats, it amplifies the growth of struvite bladder stones. These struvite stones are found in low levels at the urinary plot and further blocks the passage of urine for the cat. Excess intake of bacon can cause dehydration to cats.

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Can cats eat raw bacon?

Raw bacon is not recommended for cats. They can eat but raw bacon is hard and rigid not much safe too. You should be very cautious while you serve raw meat to your pet as it may contain bacteria and may not be fresh which is ultimately harmful to cats. The same implies to turkey bacon. The effects are the same as bacon meat. This bacon meat is mostly from the gut of a pig or from the side and back which contains an enormous amount of fat which is particularly unfortunate for cats to eat

Can cats eat cooked bacon?

Cooked bacon is bit safer for cats to consume. Cooking bacon would make it soft and easy to swallow for cats. It eliminates the dust, bacteria, or other micro substances present on the surface of the bacon meat. But still cooking bacon would not decrease the risk associated with it but your felines will be glad to eat because of its taste after cooking. An occasional serving of cooked bacon that too in very less amount is appreciable. Chopping and serving bacon in small pieces would avoid choking problems.

Can dogs eat bacon as a treat and as bacon bits?

Bacon as treat is always the best thing that you could do to regulate a cat’s intake. When administering pills in your cat’s meals, you can add bacon to the mix, so they’ll consume the pills hidden in the cat food also. An occasional treat is always advisable and even check with your vet before you add this to the diet.

Bacon bits are acceptable for cats only if they are not sprinkled with salt or some other spices on it. Cats can have these bits as a part of snacks. Bits are mostly artificial and not healthier for cats.


                It is of course safe to feed bacon to cats but only in occasional cases. Your pet may love eating it and so you may feed but that is not a healthy habit find an alternate way to show your love on the pet. Mainly the salt levels and fat content in bacon are not at all good for cats. Most of the indoor cats always are in rest positions and some cats may even sleep for 16-18hrs a day so consuming these heavy fat content meats would definitely overweigh your feline and cause blockage of arteries. I would say less bacon is always good and consulting VET is always advisable.

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