Why Pugs are the worst and why you shouldn’t buy Pugs

Pugs, one of the most popular breed in America, is more preferred by people. They are often loved because of their loving, charming clown-like dog personality. Or for their wrinkly, short-muzzled nose that looks cute. And, many people fall for both of these characteristics.

Pugs are a compact dog that is often referred to as a dog with a small space. As they are loving and like to show off their talent of making people smile has made them popular as a clown in the canine world.  

They thrive on human companionship and love being with you as your cute lap warmer. But you will shock to know that this breed is considered by vets as one of the worst breeds to live with under some circumstances. But the question arises, what makes this canine buddy worst to live with. 

In this article, we will discuss,

“Why are pugs the worst?”


“Why should not you buy pugs?”

Why pugs are the worst?

Often people initially fall in love with this cute, short-muzzled dog. They get attracted for their wrinkly appearance and their fun-loving personality. Pug is undoubtedly a fun-loving and charming clown in the canine world who doesn’t mind wearing any dress or costume. 

They are all good for fun and look like a bumblebee when dressed. Pugs are also known for making people laugh. Despite all these good characters, there are several reasons that make this dog the worst to live with.  

Many veterinarians consider pugs as the worst breed to live with. There are several reasons that make this furry friend the worst to live with. Here we present to you some reason why pugs are the worst:

  • They don’t like to get cuddled: Though they are lap dogs but don’t appreciate cuddling. Cuddling with a dog is a great remedy for stress and depression. But this cute furry buddy is not going to help you in relieving stress. They hate when you cuddle. Not a cuddly nature is sometimes an issue for dog owners. 
  • They are mannerless: This is another sufficient reason not to adopt a pug. They tend to take your stuff without asking you and damage them. Pugs often cause harm to furniture and other kinds of stuff available in the house    
  • They have a habit of fake illness: In order to get your attention, they can even tend to fake the illness. 
  • They are always with you: Though it is a cute habit, sometimes it can irritate you. When your pug starts following you everywhere you go, you will start to get irritated. 

Why you should not buy a pug?

Many veterinarians never recommend getting a pug. But why? Given below are some reasons why you should not buy a pug. 

Pug health: 

  • Because of their short muzzle and pressed nostril, they face many respiratory illnesses. Their body structure often makes them face several breathing problems. Also, they are more prone to several health-related disorders.  
  • Hip dysplasia, eye diseases, respiratory issues, etc., are some disorders that often make your pug ill. All these health issues are going to cost you a bomb. The health of your pug will spend lots of bucks. 

Pug weather: 

  • They cannot tolerate heat. Because of their anatomical body structure, they cannot take the heat. You will need to keep them in an air-conditioned place to help them survive in hot weather conditions. 
  • As they have a short muzzle, it hinders their panting and thus makes them more prone to heatstroke. You will need to spend a big amount on protecting them from heat or external hot climatic conditions. 

Pug hairs: 

Pugs, though with short hairs, have shedding issues. They shed profusely throughout the year. Often this shedding issue increases twice in the year during the shedding season when they blow out their inner coat. 

Pug training: 

They are tough to get trained. This breed is often claimed as a stubborn or mannerless breed that tends less to follow your command. Many dog trainers also consider this breed as the most challenging canine buddy to train. 

Pugs shadow: 

  • This is the most common issue often complained about by dog owners. They report that this furry buddy tends to follow them everywhere you go. 
  • Though they can live alone when you are outside. But after getting you in the home, they will follow you everywhere you go. Whether you are cooking, working out, or doing anything, you will always find this dog next to you. 

Pug maintenance: 

  • Pugs are a high maintenance dog. They require more effort to be well maintained. There is a need for daily brushing and grooming to keep the best look of this breed. 
  • Also, they require decent general care. Also, their nails have more growth in comparison to other dogs. So it requires more often trimming of nails. You will have to clean their ears also to keep them protected from an ear infection. 

Lethargic pugs: 

  • Pugs are a dog with low body activity. They will never be going to company you in long walks and sports. They will play with you, but once they get tired, they will stop.
  • When you take your pug with you for a walk, they will company you initially. But once they get tired, they will look at you for being carried up. If not, they will just stop on the track and rest there. 
  • This makes them a poor choice for the people who are looking for a companion dog to share their workout lifestyle. 

Their eating habits: 

Pugs are more greedy type dogs when it comes to food. They tend to eat everything that they get and thus leads to overweight. You will need to restrict them from feeding and make them sad.  

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