Why Golden retrievers are the worst?

Golden retrievers are very popular breeds that people love to have as a pet. They are preferred by many dog lovers everywhere.

If you are considering adopting one, then you may find this article useful. These goldies are loveable and lively.

However, there are a few things that might make them unsuitable for you. In this article, we will look into why golden retrievers are the worst. 

Not for guard

Golden retrievers are not really suitable for guarding your home. They can get very friendly with all people, including strangers. Their amicable nature makes them difficult to handle too.

If it’s your first time with dogs and you are not an outgoing person, they are definitely not for you. They don’t voluntarily get friendly with strangers but can easily get attached to anyone.

Shedding cycle

Many people are allergic to dog and animal hair. These golden retrievers have an extreme shedding cycle. That is because they have two layers of fur that keeps them protected.

The outer layer is full of long, soft hairs that shed every now and then. With this breed at home, it might be challenging for people having asthma, breathing trouble, or allergies. It also requires proper maintenance and cleaning to keep their well being balanced. 

Eating habits

Golden retrievers can become very obsessed with food. They get excited when they complete a task that is followed by a treat.

However, it is very essential to keep them away from things that are not edible. They can eat or munch on anything they find eatable. This makes it difficult to take them for a walk or even leave them unnoticed at home.

They keep chewing on things. So, it is good to have toys and chewable for them. Otherwise, they can ruin things around them by trying to chew them. 


Golden retrievers admire water and mud. They are jumpy and enthusiastic when they see mud or water.

They play until they get tired, and this can make your home dirty. This means you need to keep cleaning them and their surroundings very often. They can be super messy.

Goldies are also fond of soft and comfortable furniture. They might take up your place. They need pampering when you are around them. Some people may find this annoying, so it is best not to adopt a golden retriever. 


They cannot be left alone for a long time. These are extremely happy dogs that need human interaction. If you are working and you are leaving them alone for long hours, they can be depressed.

It is a good family dog that needs everyday playtime. If they get bored, they cannot handle it. Their life span is also very low. They can easily become sick too. They live up to 12 years, and loneliness can make it even worse.

Super active

These are very active and athletic. They cannot be kept indoors and just made to sit on a couch. They love the outdoors and will expect you to play with them. This will take away their boredom and keep them occupied.

Also, making them play every day will prevent them from getting obese. They have good energy, so if you wish to have an indoor dog, then they are not for you.


This concludes the traits that can make a golden retriever the worst for you. They can become naughty and develop bad habits only when they are bored.

If you do not like lively and messy dogs, then they are a nightmare. Otherwise, these are a smart, energetic, and friendly breed. 

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