Why do Greyhound sleep so much?

Is your Greyhound sleeping now? Most probably, your answer is yes. You must have queries that why do Greyhound sleep so much? Are they lazy creatures? In this guide, we will discuss the reason for their lazy behavior and their love for sleep.

If you think that a greyhound is a lazy creature, then you are wrong. Most of the dog owner thinks that they are a lazy creature that loves sleeping all the time. But contrary to belief, they love playing as well. However, they have less fat deposits in their body; thus, after playtime, they need sleep to re-energize. 

They cannot afford to waste so much energy, so sleep more to save energy. It is quite normal for a greyhound to sleep for 18 to 20 hours per day.  

When you interpret their sleeping behavior with laziness, then yes, Greyhound is lazier compared to other dog breeds. Despite their oversleeping behavior, it is possible to overcome their inactiveness by positive reinforcement, training, consistency, and other proven tactics. 

Why do Greyhound sleep so much?

Greyhound has sleeping behavior and tends to sleep the entire day. This is not because they are lazy but cannot afford to waste energy. They have little body fat deposits thus always stay in energy-saving mode.   

Also, there are several reasons like increasing age, lack of physical activity, diet, lack of mental stimulation, illness, injury, outdoor temperature, depression that can make this breed to sleep even more. 

How much greyhound sleep normally?

Generally, a greyhound needs 12 to 14 hours of sleep every day. But they can sleep up to 18 to 20 hours a day. 

What are the reasons why greyhounds love to sleep?

Many reasons cause this canine buddy to sleep more. Some of these are:

Less body fat deposition: They have really short storage of body fat, thus need more sleep to save energy. 

Lifestyle: Their sleeping behavior depends on their lifestyle as well. This breed is basically designed for speed. But as a pet, they don’t get the opportunity to run more, so develop a habit to sleep. Also, the lack of mental stimulation makes them spend most of the time sleeping. Basically, the reason for their lazy behavior is they don’t have anything to do and no reason to be active. 

Interrupted sleep cycle: Though the greyhound breed is popular for their sleeping behavior, but the thing is that they rarely go into a deep sleep. They have interrupted the sleep cycle. Or we can say they sleep in lots of small naps throughout the entire day.       

For body repair: Sleeping time for Greyhound is actually a repairing time. This time, their body repair by itself. Sleep boosts their immune system as well and makes them more strength to fight against diseases. Researches also proved that sleep-deprived greyhounds are more prone to illness. 

Difficulty in adopting new life: When you buy a puppy, your home is entirely new for him. So in order to adjust to a new environment, they tend to sleep more.

What affects the sleeping tendency of Greyhound?

Separation anxiety: This is one of the reasons that can make this furry baby sleep more. 

Age: When they are in the puppy stage, they need more sleep for proper growth. As they grow older, their energy level starts declining, and thus, they tend more to sleep to preserve their energy. 

Lack of physical exercise: When it comes to physical exercise, the Greyhound requires a moderate amount of exercise. But in case of insufficient exercise, they will develop a habit of being lazy and sleep all the time. 

Lack of mental stimulation: Boredom or lack of mental stimulation is another reason for their sleeping behavior. When they have nothing to do, they prefer sleeping over just wasting time here and there. 

Diet: When you offer a more carb-rich diet, it will increase lethargy in the grey buddy, and thus they will sleep more.  

Illness and injury: Like in humans, illness and injury can increase the resting time in dogs as well. 

Outdoor’s temperature: When it is hot outside, they will tend to be lazier. 

How to overcome the lazy behavior in your Greyhound?

Greyhound tends to sleep more. But with a proper routine, you can turn them into an active breed. Here are some methods to overcome their sleeping tendency:

Set a sleeping routine: 

Establishing a sleeping routine is a great idea to overcome their lazy behavior. You should train your grey baby to sleep on time and wake up early in the morning. Once you set a sleeping routine, they will start following the same.  


A carb-rich diet plays a significant role in developing lethargy in your dog. So offer them a fiber-rich diet and prevent overweight in them. 

Provide physical exercise:

When you offer sufficient exercise to your dog, they will be more active. 

 Sufficient mental stimulation:

Boredom is often a reason for the sleeping tendency in the Greyhound. So keep them busy with some stuff, toys, etc. 

Consult a veterinarian: 

When your active and well-trained Greyhound suddenly starts sleeping more, then check for any injury. Please consult your vet for the possible cause and follow his instructions.

The bottom line

So this was a complete guide on the sleeping behavior of Greyhound. If you are looking for an active dog, either count this breed out or compromise with its sleeping behavior. 

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