Why are cats afraid of banana and cucumber?

Are cats actually afraid of fruits like bananas and cucumbers? Recently videos of cats being afraid of bananas and cucumbers are trending. These are quite hilarious to watch, but you will be fascinated to know why.

There are plenty of theories that have been developed by animal experts. However, these are not proven reasons why these feline animals are afraid of bananas and cucumbers. 

Yet these are scientific and are the most probable predictions. This article will discuss some of the popular options for why these animals are afraid of bananas and cucumbers.

Cats are not actually scared of the fruits but are so scared of the size and appearance of the cucumber and banana that looks more similar to snakes. 

Why are cats afraid of banana and cucumber?

According to Con Slobodchikoff, author of “Chasing Doctor Dolittle: Learning the Language of Animals,” and animal behaviourist, Cats has a natural instinct to avoid snakes and snake-like appearing things.

As cucumber and banana both look more similar to a snake; this makes the cats have their instinct fear of snakes. 

Here we present you all the possible reasons that panic the cat:

The size and appearance

Cats are generally afraid of snakes. Cucumbers look very similar to small snakes. These are long and dark green. This is one of the reasons why cats are scared of cucumbers. If they look at cucumbers at an instant, they can be tricked into that it is a snake. 

The same goes for bananas too. Snakes are predators to the feline kingdom, especially to domestic cats. So, they try to escape from snakes. Their frightening behaviour towards cucumbers and bananas is a reflex to get away from the predator. 

The smell 

Bananas have a smell of ethyl acetate, which belongs to the acetone category in chemical compounds. This is a smell that most cats hate to be around. Research says that this compound is found in the banana peel. Cats might freak out when they smell a banana or a banana peel. 

This is especially when the banana is ripe or ripening. Once the banana is rotten, the smell changes, this may or may not affect a cat. But, the fresh bananas will make them feel uncomfortable. Many people use this as a technique to restrict their pet cats from going near beds, pillows, and sofas. 

The unusual objects

When a cat is taken as a pet, it will find everything around it very new and amusing. Generally, cats do not like eating fruits; that’s why they may be afraid. Things like bananas and cucumbers will be new to them. They might react with fright when they see these fruits for the first time. These will seem unusual for cats. 

The sense of security

Cats are excellent absorbers. They also have a great sense of sight, smell, and taste. When you have a cat as a pet, they get accustomed to the environment. They understand that your home is a safe and secure place.

Placing a cucumber or banana to scare them will frighten them. This is because it gives them a sense of danger and insecurity. This will give your cat unnecessary stress, so it is not advisable to scare them on purpose. 

Ending note

We have discussed the most common reasons for cats to be afraid of bananas and cucumbers. Some cats can have a very strong reflex. This is also another reason why they react so frightened. Hence, it’s good to analyze your cat’s behaviour completely and properly. This concludes that most cats are frightened of certain fruits.

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