What temperature is too hot for Pitbulls?

Pitbulls are happy going pets who love being with their owner. But this breed is not designed to tackle much heat. Frankly speaking, this breed is more prone to hyperthermia as well as heatstroke in the hot summer season. Many pit bull owners or those who are planning to adopt a pitbull have a query that, “What temperature is too hot for Pitbulls?”

Since pit-bull dogs have short coats, so they are less tolerant of high temperatures in summer. They are more susceptible to hyperthermia. Their short muzzle makes them more prone to heat strokes when kept outdoors in the hot summer seasons.

The temperature that becomes too hot for this canine buddy is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. But with proper care and when kept indoors, this breed can survive well up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Like humans cannot tolerate outside on hot summer days; similarly, it is difficult for this furry creature to survive outdoors in hot weather. With proper care, you can make your furry friend comfortable even in hot temperature times. 

Just avoid them going outdoors in the daytime on hot summer days when the sun is at its peak. Also, make sure you never leave your pup alone in the car in the parking, as four-wheeler vehicles tend to turn into the furnace in just a little time when parking outside on hot summer days.   

Dogs tend to do panting in order to keep themselves cool in hot weather conditions. But when the temperature outside is very high, it will become more difficult for your doggy to keep themselves cool by panting only. When, in this case, painting is not working to cool them, they start overheating.

 So overheated dogs will start drooling more and can suffer from heatstroke. As to prevent them from heatstroke, make sure that you are keeping your dog cool. Either keep them in a cool, shady area or take help from some coolers or air conditioners to help your furry buddy stay cool.

What temperature is too hot for Pitbulls?

Your pitbull dog can stay happy in temperatures ranging from 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But the temperature above 85 degrees Fahrenheit is high for your puppy.

But with proper temperature maintenance and enough supply of cold water to your puppy, they can manage to survive in high temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When kept indoors in an air-conditioned or cool place, they can easily survive the hot weather period. 

What are the precautions you should follow for your pitbull in hot weather conditions?

Preventing heat strokes in a dog is way easier than treating heat stroke or overheating in dogs. So here are some precautions you should follow to avoid hyperthermia in your buddy.

  • Avoid overexertion of your dog in hot weather conditions. 
  • Also, take your dog for a walk in the morning or evening time when the temperature is not as high as in day time. 
  • Avoid leaving your puppy alone in the car, as a car can turn into a furnace in just a short period when parking outside.
  • Tying your dog under the tree shade is also not recommended. Because when the direction of the sun changes, the tree will be no more able to protect your pup from direct sunlight. 
  • The open unscreened window can also take your dog to the death bed as it allows the sunlight to fall directly on your pitbull. 
  • Avoid using fireworks near your canine buddy.
  • In the summertime, you can trim your puppy’s hairs, but avoid shaving them as this may hinder their temperature management physiology. 
  • Do not allow your pitbull to linger outside on hot summer days. 
  • Avoid giving high energy or carbohydrate diet to your furry friend, as it may produce much energy and increase their body heat.

How to keep your pitbull cool in hot weather?

  • Since Pitbulls are more prone to dehydration in hot temperature areas, so providing them with sufficient cold water helps them stay cool and survive the hot period. 
  • Keep them in a shady, cool place. You can also take help from air condition, cooler, or fans in hot weather to prevent your puppy from getting heatstroke and hyperthermia. 
  • In the daytime, when the sun is at its peak, you can also let your puppy play in the swimming pool or any other water body. Note: Ensure you are not leaving your pup alone unsupervised in the pool. As all dogs are not good swimmers, so they may drown to the bottom. Always let your buddy play in the water under your supervision. 
  • Close all the unscreened windows and doors in your home. Or you can also close them with adjustable screens to prevent direct sunlight and heat enter in your home.   

What are the symptoms of overheating in Pitbulls?

Even with all the above precautions and tips, there are chances that your dog might suffer from overheating and heatstroke. But how to know if your dog is overheating. Given below are some symptoms that indicate that your pitbull is proceeding toward heatstroke:

   Excessive panting: It is the most common symptom in pitbull when they overheat. If you notice that your canine buddy is panting for so long or faster than normal, try to cool them. 

   Dehydration: Dry nose, excessive panting, visible tiredness, sunken eyes, etc., are some symptoms indicating dehydration. 

   Excessive drooling: When you notice your pitbull is drooling too much saliva, beware, it is a sign of overheating and heatstroke in the dog. 

   Lack of urine: Also, when your dog is overheating, it will micturate less. 

   Fever: In an overheated pitbull, you will notice a high body temperature.

   Diarrhea and vomiting: In hot weather, if your puppy started vomiting or showing digestive illness, it means they are suffering from overheating. You may notice blood in the vomit and stool. 

   Lethargy: The overheated pitbull will show more lethargy and tiredness.  

   Muscle tremors: When the body temperature of your pooch increases very high, they may start showing nervous signs like muscle tremors.

   Dizziness: Dehydration and overheating will make your dog face difficulty in walking and will show symptoms like dizziness. 

   Other symptoms include a high pulse rate, panting heavily, laziness, etc. 

What to do when your pitbull is overheating?

When you notice the above symptoms, there is a need for the adoption of quick action. You can start treating your overheated dog right from your home.

Take your pup to the cooler area. Offer them plenty of cool water. It is also a good idea to bathe your overheated dog with cool water.

Note: Avoid using ice to cool your puppy, as it may insulate their body, and they will die of internal heat and organ failure. 

But in the case when you feel that your pup is not responding to your treatment, don’t waste time; take them directly to a nearby vet. 


So this was all about the temperature that may prove too high for your pitbull. Also, by adopting the above tips, precautions, and treatment methods, you can help your dog survive easily in the summer season.  

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