What temperature is too hot for budgies?

Budgies are originated from Australia, where the temperature ranges from 45 degrees Celsius on hot summer days and can hit -5 degrees Celsius on a winter night. So many think that Budgies can survive well in up to 45 degree Celsius.

Well, this is not true! As on hot summer days, budgies tend to congregate near water and shade or swoop in the water to keep themselves cool. In case when you keep your single budgie outside in a small cage on a full sunny day, that means you are killing it. They cannot withstand these high temperatures. Then the question arises, “What temperature is too hot for budgies?”

Normally birds can survive well in moderate temperatures that can go high up to 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But budgies can withstand a slightly more. They can handle up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit without showing any signs of discomfort. But they will start showing discomfort when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What temperature is too hot for budgies?

For budgies, 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is not such a high temperature. They can survive well at this temperature. But the sign of discomfort starts when the temperature starts exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The high temperature in budgies is significant and can cause fatal heatstroke in birds in just 15 minutes. So if you wish your budgies to live longer, then always let them outside when the temperature is in their favorable range.

What are the causes of overheating?

When you place your single budgie directly in the sunlight, this will cause overheating in them. Also, placing them outdoor on very hot summer days leads to heatstroke, which is dangerous. 

Sometimes, exposure to an internal heat source having a very high temperature like any lamp or heating pad can also lead to overheating in birds.

Obsess birds are more prone to overheating as the subcutaneous fat layer insulates their bodies and prevents the heat from flowing out. Also, it compresses their air sacs and hinders the airflow. 

What are signs of discomfort due to excess heat?

In the case when your budgie is overheating, 

  • It will start panting and holding its wings away. Budgie does this in an effort to cool down. 
  • They will spread their wings apart to release heat into the surrounding atmosphere. 
  • They will reduce their movement and don’t move around as much as normal to prevent a further increase in the temperature. 
  • They will try to cool themselves down in a birdbath or drinking water. 
  • They will seek shad, which is not an alternative in the cage. 

The management of hot temperature is even more difficult in fatter budgies. Because the subcutaneous fat layer insulates their body and prevents the heat from coming out, it also compresses the air sac that allows airflow. 

Fatter birds will start showing heat discomfort at a comparatively lower temperature than the thinner budgie. In case when you notice any of the heat discomfort signs, bring your pet bird inside at low temperature, offer them cold water, and let them cool. 

It is not advised to bring your heat-stressed pet directly into an Air-conditioned room, as this can also lead to stroke due to a sudden temperature change. 

How are hot weather conditions managed for budgies?

Below are the measures you can follow:-

  • When the temperature is high outside, it is advised to keep your budgies cool. Since budgies don’t have any sweat gland, there are more chances for heat stroke and thus requires more care in hot sunny days.
  • Direct air from the fan is also not advised for a long period as it will dry their beak and prevent them from breathing. An air-conditioned house is always the best way to control the room temperature perfectly. 
  • Since air condition is not affordable and is not in the budget of all, so we advise providing air moisturizer sources like domestic coolers. In case when you can’t manage a cooler, then spraying water every few hours will help the budgies to get the required moisture. 
  • Another option you can adopt to keep your bird cool and moisturized is by placing a birdbath. But make sure you are also providing fresh water along with this birdbath. And again, ensure that your pet bird is not confused between this birdbath and fresh water to drink. 

Why are budgies more prone to overheating?

The reason for more cases of overheating in budgies is the absence of the sweat gland. This causes more accumulation of heat in the body. 

What are the symptoms of overheating?

The sure sign that confirms the overheating is when your budgie spread its wings apart for its body to cool down. Other signs like your bird, will look stressed and will reduce its movement to prevent further heating of the body.

In an overheating situation, your bird will start panting and will exhibit an open mouth breathing pattern. It will show aggressive or uncharacteristically passive behavior.  

Can overheating in birds get diagnosed?

Yes, you can diagnose the cause of overheating with the help of signs and symptoms like the fluffed appearance of the bird. In overheating, they will spread their wings and reduce their movement. Looking for shady areas is also a sign of discomfort due to overheating in birds. 

Treatment for overheating in birds:

  • Though overheating is fatal in birds, you can still give primary emergency treatment to your budgie in your home. 
  • Primary treatment is also proved to manage the overheating in budgies. But in the case when you doubt something serious, then don’t wait to call your veterinarian. 
  • Primary treatment includes transferring your bird to low temperature areas like indoors. Your veterinarian will also advise you to give a room-temperature emergency bath to your budgie and allow it to cool him. Ensure you are not using cold water as it can lead to shock due to sudden temperature changes. 
  • Providing room temperature fresh water to drink and moistening its feet, paws and legs are also beneficial in cooling down its body temperature. 
  • In the case when your bird is extremely overheated and does not respond to your primary treatment, call your veterinarian as early as possible.
  • Injecting a cool electrolyte solution along with additional life-saving corticosteroids might help your bird to recover soon. 

How to prevent overheating in budgies?

As prevention is always better than cure, you can follow the corresponding tips to prevent your budgies from overheating on hot sunny days, as mentioned. 

Always keep your budgies in a room temperature or shady area or perhaps a breezy area. A fan with some moisture source will keep the temperature pleasant for your budgies. 

Provide them with sufficient cool fresh water and a water bath. Also, keep observation on them and call your veterinarian soon as you see any of the overheating signs.


Like humans, budgies also get discomfort with rising temperatures. They are also prone to fatal heat shock in case of overheating. So proper care is required to prevent your budgies from overheating.   

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