What temperature is too cold for Pitbull?

Many owners prefer Pitbulls because of their short coat, and they have less shedding issues. But everything in the world has both merits and demerits. The short coat in this breed is advantageous because they have less shedding issues. But it makes this breed more prone to cold temperature. Many owners with Pitbulls and those who are planning to own this breed have a common query that, “What temperature is too cold for Pitbulls?”

Since this Pitbull breed has a short coat, they are exposed more to get cold. Their short coat makes it difficult for this breed to maintain their body temperature in the cold season.

Pitbulls can survive well at a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. But when the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, they start showing symptoms of cold shock. 

As we humans can’t tolerate outside for a long time in winter times. Similarly, this furry creature also prone to the cold season. And with their short coats, they are more susceptible to cold temperature and cold shock. But with proper care and providing your pitbull with enough warmth, this breed can survive well in the low-temperature area. 

To help this breed easily pass the winter season, you should not let your puppy to play outside in the winter season during cold hours. You can let them play when it is bright sunlight. 

Avoid bathing them in cold hours. You should bathe them once in two weeks and that too in day bright sunlight. Bath your pup with warm water only. Using doggy jackets in the winter season is also helpful to prevent your puppy from hypothermia. 

What temperature is too cold for PitBull?

Pitbulls can tolerate the temperature up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. But when the temperature lowers than 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your puppy will start showing symptoms of cold shock or hypothermia. Hypothermia is more common in Pitbulls when it is cold outside.

But with your proper care, it will be easy for your puppy to easily pass the winter season. Taking help from jackets and booties will help this furry buddy to stay warm in cold times. 

It is always advisable never to let your puppy play outside in cold time. Also, avoid their fur to get wet, as it increases the chances of getting cold shock or hypothermia. 

You can keep your puppy in a warm room with some heat-producing source, helping your puppy stay comfortable, warm, and happy in this wintertime. 

What causes your puppy more prone to cold shock?

When you let your pet play outside in cold weather conditions, there are more chances that your furry friend will catch a cold and get more prone to cold shock. 

Also, in the case when you give a bath to your canine buddy more often, there chance for hypothermia increases. 

Improper drying your canine’s coat after the bath will also increase their chance of getting cold. 

Any other reason that causes their coat to get wet makes them more prone to hypothermia. 

What precautions should you take to protect your pitbull from the cold?

  • Avoid going them outdoors when it is cold outside.
  • Never give them baths more often. It is recommended to give a bath once in two weeks in the winter season. 
  • Protect your furry friends’ fur from getting wet. 
  • Avoid them playing with water, especially cold water.  
  • Avoid giving them exercise in the morning or evening time when it is cold outside. 
  • The open unscreened window can get them to catch a cold as the window let the breeze to enter your home. 

Tips to keep your pitbull warm in the winter season:

  • Offer your furry friend with high carbohydrate and energy diet. This will help your puppy stay warm and energetic. 
  • Keep your furry friend inside a home in cold hours. You can also take help from jackets, booties, and some warmth producing source to make your puppy comfortable. 
  • Give the exercise in the day time when it is bright sunlight outside.
  • Keep your windows closed and secured with an adjustable screen. Thus never let the breeze come inside your house.

What are the symptoms of cold shock or hypothermia in Pitbulls?

Several signs, like shivering, acting sleepy, lethargic, etc., indicate that your puppy faces hypothermia. These symptoms worsen with a decrease in temperature outside and can kill your puppy. 

Symptoms of cold shock and hypothermia in Pitbulls are:

  • Shivering and trembling.
  • Lethargic and sleepy dog.
  • Skin and fur feel cold on touching. 
  • Low pulse rate and heart rate. 
  • Low body temperature.
  • Dilated pupils.
  • Pale gums and inner eyelids.
  • Difficult breathing.
  • In severe cases, stupor, unconsciousness, and coma.

What to do when a pitbull is suffering from cold shock and hypothermia?

In the case when you notice any of the above symptoms in your puppy, 

  • Immediately take them to some warmer place. 
  • Offer them high energy and carbohydrate food. 
  • In case when your furry friend is wet, dry them completely and then cover them with a blanket or warm jacket. Placing them near some heat source will help them recover soon from the cold shock and hypothermia. 
  • Heating pads will also help them stay warm and recover soon from hypothermia. 
  • In the case when you feel that your puppy is not responding to your treatment, immediately consult your vet.


This was a complete guide on the temperature too cold for your pitbull. Adopting the above tips and precautions will help your furry buddy stay warm and comfortable this winter.

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