What temperature is too cold for budgies?

Budgies have vivid colors and exotic nature that makes them alluring pet birds. But since they have migrated away from their original native subtropical or tropical environment, this makes them less tolerant to cold. Many budgie owners have a query, “What temperature is too cold for budgies?

Though they are originated from tropical and subtropical areas, they tend to migrate in the cold season. So the minimum temperature they can tolerate is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. But this delicate petite-sized creature starts showing the discomfort signs when the temperature drops 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Budgies can tolerate the colder temperature for around six hours but will start showing hypothermia (Decrease in body temperature below normal) after 12 to 24 hours.  

In the case when you notice your budgie is puffing up into its feather, it means that your bird is suffering from cold. In cold temperatures, they will crouch, and you will notice a lack of appetite in them. Lack of movement, heavy breathing, lethargy, and fluid from their nose and eyes are other cold symptoms in budgies. 

What temperature is too cold for Budgies?

Budgie can tolerate a little colder temperature than other parakeets. They can survive up to a minimum of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. But the sign of discomfort starts below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Budgie can tolerate the cold temperature for about the first six hours. After that, they start showing cold signs like getting puffed up into their own feathers, fluid from nose and eyes, lack of movement, loss of appetite, etc. 

What makes budgie more prone to cold temperature?

Sometimes genetic alteration decreases their cold temperature tolerance limit. These budgies start showing discomfort due to hypothermia at a comparatively higher temperature.  

Also, those budgies that are adapted to the hotter climatic area are more vulnerable to hypothermia at a colder temperature. Also, budgies with fewer climate have comparatively less chance to survive the colder temperature unless they are not managed properly.

A fatter budgie can tolerate a more to a colder temperature than a thinner budgie. Since there is a fat layer in the fatter budgie, this will function as an insulating layer and prevent the body heat from escaping out of the body. 

Direct exposure of birds to the cold breeze and low temperature will set them into hypothermia (reduction in body temperature below the normal level). 

What are the symptoms of cold in Budgies?

Budgies in too cold temperature will puff it feather up and will try to retain as much body heat as possible. You will also notice them shivering. Signs of hypothermia in budgies are:

Fluffed feather: 

  • Budgies, when uncomfortable due to cold weather, will puff up its feather in an effort to retain as much body heat as possible and try their best to keep themselves warm. 
  • Feathers plays an important role in keeping the budgie warm in cold weather. But when you notice your bird with fluffed feathers for a long time, consider it a sign and take your budgie to a hotter area.


  • Like a human, shivering is also seen in budgies when they feel cold. It is a natural defense method to generate heat and try to maintain the body temperature to normal. 
  • In shivering, there is rapid body movement that helps in generating heat and hence prove the warmth to ease the survival. 


  • We humans also have a tendency to show lethargy and work less when it is cold outside. Out of it, the budgie is not different from us. When the cold bothers them, they will start showing lethargy sign. 
  • Since shivering to keep the body warm eats up lots of energy, thus make the bird lethargic. The cold budgie will not be like usual cheerful and playful. If you find such signs in cold weather, act immediately, and provide your budgie some external warmth source.  


  • In the case when your budgie is sleeping more than normal in cold weather, it is a sign that your budgie is secretly fighting against cold and hypothermia.  
  • Other signs of cold budgie include loss of appetite, lack of movement, the bird is less playful and cheerful than usual, heavy breathing, and fluid from nose and eyes.  

What are the tips for Cold weather management for budgies? 

It is easy to manage the cold weather for budgies as several products are available that are helpful in keeping the budgie cage warm. To keep your budgie warm, make sure that you have sealed the environment around your budgie. 

Also, make sure that your bird has a bird shelter that should be free from cold breezes. This will help your budgie to maintain their body heat even when you place the cage in a colder area. 

Several products are available to keep the cage warm. Some of these are:

Heater: In similar to humans, as we like being close to the heater in a cold climate, our budgie is not much different. They also enjoy being in a comfortable temperature range. So you can take help from heaters to keep the temperature in a comfortable range for the budgie. 

Heated Perches: There is also available a Thermo heated perches, a perfect option to keep your bird warm in cold weather. 

Birdhouses: Heaters and heated perches are a nice option, but the birdhouses will help the wild budgie to be comfortable in its natural way. It is advised to invest in making a birdhouse with lots of hay to help your budgie build a warm cozy nest. 

Cage cover: You can also thin for cage cover to provide a little warmth at night. But keeping the constant, comfortable temperature for the entire year will make your budgie weak and more prone to cold temperature. Thus it is advised to take your budgie out for a small time period. Or you can decrease a little bit of temperature for a limited time. This will help your budgie adapted to a wider temperature range.     

Can Budgies die due to cold temperature?

Though budgies can tolerate the cold temperature for some time, but too cold is life-threatening for them. So the answer is yes. Anything below 40 degrees Fahrenheit is life-threatening for your budgie, and they can die. 


Too cold temperature is life-threatening for your budgies, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot survive the cold. With your little support, they can survive well in this difficult time.  

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