What kind of birds eat locusts? Which birds eat locusts?

What kind of birds eat locusts? Which birds eat locusts?

Locusts are famous highly destructive or damaging pests. A large or dense group of these locusts are called swarms. Swarms feed on agricultural crops, trees, and small plants. Indeed, this feeding can decimate harvests and grasses developed for individuals and animals, causing starvation and financial losses for farmers. Many governments are looking for solutions to prevent locusts eating crops.

            There are some birds that feed on locusts. It is also observed that birds killed more locusts than human effort can. Birds can never stop the invasion of locusts on crops but can help in controlling them.

Below is the list of some birds that feed on locusts:


Drongo is a small Asian bird that is found in many parts of South Asia. It is famous for its aggressive nature of large birds. It feeds on insects and mostly found common in agricultural areas and light forest places. They are also called as aerial predators of insects.

Roller jay

Roller jay is also referred as Indian roller. Its huge population is found in many parts of India and mostly seen in grasslands and scrub forest habitats. They feed on ground insects like locusts, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets etc.


Golden oriole

Golden oriole is summer migrants to West Asia from European countries. Oriole most probably feed on fruits and insects. You can see them mainly at open forests, orchards, mangroves, plantations etc.


Woodpeckers are found mainly in forest areas, woodland areas, hilly stations, and deserts.  Woodpecker tongues are pointed to enable them to separate bugs from trees and openings. Woodpeckers can lick up sap and insects


Pratincole bird is also called as locust birds. They are mainly found in suburbs and rural areas and biologically called as enemy of locusts. It even consumes grasshoppers and very fast at hunt. People grow these birds in some areas to control the invasion of locusts.


Storks are found in major parts of North America and parts of Australia. They are very large and long-legged birds and feed on small insects including locusts, worms, and small mammals and tiny fishes.


Starlings are native to Asia, Europe, and Africa. They are small to medium in size and have strong feet. Mainly feeds on insects like locust, beetles, Crickets, and tiny fruits as well. Can found in evergreen forests.


Kites have long wings and called small raptors. They are found in warmer regions and feed on live insects but also eat reptiles and dead animals.

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