Puppy Shampoo VS Dog Shampoo – What’s the difference?

Puppy shampoos and dog shampoos are made specifically for bathing dogs. They are made for the sensitive skins of your pet dogs. Newborn puppies should be given a bath when they are at least 4 weeks older.

Puppy shampoo

Puppies are young and do have sensitive skin more than the adult dogs. Puppy shampoos are made very mild and won’t have any chemicals, dyes and perfumes.

They are mostly made with natural ingredients, and they are mild cleanser which is suitable for a puppy’s delicate skin. Most of the puppy shampoos are tearless because while bathing the shampoo can go into your pups’ eyes. Most of the puppy shampoos will be mild cleansers because they are made especially for your dogs’ soft skin. And they won’t include any artificial scent.

Tearless shampoos are always recommended for puppies or else homemade shampoos like oatmeal shampoo is good for your pups skin and coat.

Dog shampoo

Dog shampoos are also made for sensitive skins which are suitable for the dogs’ skin pH level. They are specifically made for adult dogs.

Adult dog shampoos can also be used for your puppies. Checking ingredients before buying a dog shampoo is very important. Most of the dog shampoos use natural ingredients similar to the puppy shampoos.

If there are any artificial ingredients in the shampoo, avoid buying such dog shampoos to damage your canines’ skin.

Can I use dog shampoo on my puppy?

Yes, you can use adult dog shampoo on your puppy. As mentioned above, dog shampoos are made for sensitive skin which can be used for your little puppy.

But medicated shampoos which are used for fleas should not be used for your pup. These shampoos which are used to control the fleas will be very hard for your pups’ skin.

High-quality dog shampoos will always use natural and mild ingredients in their products which are good to be used in your pup.

Dog shampoos can be used for puppies, but before you buy, read the ingredients mentioned on the shampoo. Some harmful chemicals present in some shampoos that are not good for your pups’ body and skin.

If you cannot find a puppy shampoo in your home, then you can choose an adult dog shampoo as an alternative to bathing your pup. But do not use any shampoos as an alternative to bathing your puppy or an adult dog.

Using human shampoo on your puppy can cause skin diseases on your pup resulting rashes and allergies.

Can I use human shampoo on a puppy?

Puppy’s skins are very delicate and sensitive, so, using human shampoo on your little pup is very dangerous. Human shampoos are not recommended for adult dogs, also as the skins’ pH level of dogs and humans is different from each other.

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