Miniature Labradoodle –Poodle Labrador Retriever mix breed information

You might think that miniature labradoodle is a different bred in pups, but sadly it’s not. Miniature labradoodle is not a purebred in dogs.

It is a cross bred of Labrador retriever and miniature (mini) a poodle or standard poodle.

Mini labradoodle is the best companion for those who love the short and cute looking type pups.

Don’t get confused with the labradoodle and miniature or mini labradoodle. Mini labradoodle is the smaller version of the standard labradoodle.

The standard labradoodle is producing by crossing between the Labrador retriever and standard sized poodle.

The smaller Labradoodles can also be produced by surgical insemination or artificial insemination. By using these processes, it is not sure that the Labradoodles will be only small; the size of them can be varied between miniature poodle’s size to Labrador retriever’s size.

Other than cute looking and small size the other thing about this type of pups is they shed less. If you need a small-sized puppy or canine and if you don’t want to see the hair of your puppy everywhere like cuisines, your clothes etc, then you can definitely go for the miniature labradoodle or mini labradoodle.

Size and weight of a miniature labradoodle or mini labradoodle.

The height if a miniature labradoodle can be of 14 – 17 inches and the weight can be varied between 15 – 25 pounds.

Suppose the mini labradoodle has more amount of Labrador genes present in it than the poodle. In that case, the size of the miniature pup can increase, and in this case, they can grow more than 17 inches simultaneously the weight also increases.

The life span of a miniature labradoodle or mini labradoodle.

The life span of a miniature labradoodle can be expected between a period of 12 to 15 years.

Colours of miniature labradoodle.

The colour of the mini labradoodle depends on the parent genes.

One can not predict the colour of a crossbred pup, but we can expect a solid colour. They can also be of mixed colours.

These pups can be found in many colours, some of the standard colours in them are:

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Cream
  • Gray
  • Black
  • white

Breeds of Miniature Labradoodle

There are some scientific names for the mini Labradoodles based on their parents.


The F1 type is produced by crossing the miniature poodle with the Labrador.


when the mini labradoodle is crossed with the miniature poodle or the Labrador, then the F1B is developed.


When two mini Labradoodles crossed together, they produce an F2 type mini labradoodle.

If you are very picky in size and definitely need a small-sized miniature labradoodle, then you can prefer F2 type.

Nature/Temperament of a mini labradoodle…

These pups can be found very active, attractive, loyal, obedient and friendly to humans.

As they have poodle’s genes in them, they are also very intelligent.

They can be trained very quickly and can behave in a well-disciplined manner.

Many of the pups have a fear of bathing, but the miniature labradoodle love water and they do an excellent job in swimming. One can enjoy their company with this mini canine as they are very good at running also.

They are hyperactive in playing games, and they don’t get tired very quickly. You have to work-out very hard to drain the energy of your canine.

Can Miniature Labradoodles swim?

Not all dogs love the water, but many of them love it.

When it comes to miniature labradoodle’s, they also love water as their parents are Labrador and poodle, which are very much interested in playing in the water and can be called as water dogs.

So, yes, miniature or mini labradoodle’s can swim. They love swimming and bathing, and as well as they like to enjoy the beaches and run in the ocean waves.

These pups can take a bath with you happily in pools and lakes.

But keep in mind the safety of your canine is your utmost priority so always be around your pup when it is swimming, playing or whatever it is doing near water.

Do Miniature Labradoodles like to cuddle…??

Do Labradoodles like to cuddle…??

Well, it is a very typical question to answer. We can’t be sure, some may dislike too, but mostly it will be a Yes. They are a very affectionate breed who loves to enjoy its owner company.

Mini Labradoodles like to cuddle when they feel stressed, tired and obviously when they feel cold temperature or atmosphere.

Coat of mini labradoodle

Miniature Labradoodles have a decent length of the coat which can be either curly or silky. Double-coat is present in this pups as it is the bred from Labrador.

The amount of parent genes present in their body plays a vital role in the coat of this pup. They have a thick coat which will keep them warm. Brushing and grooming should be done in a suitable manner to maintain the coat good looking.

Shedding in miniature labradoodle…

Shedding is quite common in every dog. Many say that Labradoodles don’t shed, but the fact is they too have an amount of hair loss, but it will be less compared to other labs.

In Mini Labradoodles, the shedding ultimately depends on the genes of the parent it received. Poodles don’t shed, but the Labrador does. So Miniature Labradoodle or mini Labradoodles do shed.

To minimize the shedding in your pup, brush them regularly, and if you feel that the hair loss is heavy, then it is recommended to consult a vet.

Health issues of miniature labradoodle 

The mini labradoodles health condition will be good as it consists of two different breeds of genes in their body. But they still have to face some minimal medical conditions which are:

  • Eye problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip and elbow Dysplasia
  • Trouble in whelping
  • Addison’s disease

Some of the miniature labradoodle may be Hypoallergenic.

Let’s see about most usual health issues in mini labradoodles.


The most common neurological disorder which is present in dogs is Epilepsy. It refers to the abnormality of the brain.

This condition is termed as seizures in dogs. The symptoms of this are jerking, stiffening, muscle twitching and tongue chewing. It is the most common type of seizure, which is called a generalized seizure.

Usually, these seizures lasts for a few seconds or a couple of minutes. So, consult a vet ASAP to avoid this for the next time. Monitor your pup carefully.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia:

This Dysplasia can be found in many breeds. Due to this hip dysplasia, your pup can suffer from joint pains and elbow dysplasia is a degenerative disorder. This occurs in an abnormal joint.

Addison’s disease:

Pups suffering from this disease cannot manage stress levels.

This can be found in both parents of the labradoodle; poodle and Labrador. This condition leads to diarrhoea, weakness, excessive thirst and improper digestion. If you find any of these symptoms in your pup do consult a vet.


Some of the maintenance is required for every dog. As said earlier Miniature labradoodle’s have a double-coat, and it requires high maintenance because it is the bred produced from the poodle.

Brushing once in a week is recommended.

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