Is the Irish setter good with cats and other animals?

Some people are dog lovers, while some are cat lovers. What happens when you love both of these lovable creatures…?

Those who are already owning a cat and planning to add one canine buddy in their family have to face the challenge of choosing the right dog breed. Since most dogs and cats are not friends, there is a risk while raising both cats and dogs together.  

But luckily, there are some dog breeds that can go along with cats well. The Irish setter is considered one such breed that is good with cats. Those who already have a cat in their home and plan to add an Irish setter in their family have queries that, “Are Irish setter good with cats and other small animals?”

Well, yes, a fully trained and socialized Irish setter goes well with cats and other small pets. Though they were bred originally as hunter breed, but still with proper obedience training and socialization, you can train them to stay peacefully and friendly with cats and other small pets. They will stay more peacefully when raised together. 

Is the Irish setter good with cats and other animals?

Yes, a fully socialized Irish setter can go along easily with a cat or other small animal. The Irish setter is a sociable and affectionate breed that will please make new friends with anybody, including your cat. 

Though they were originally bred as hunting dogs, you can turn them into social, affectionate, and lovely creatures with socialization and obedience training. After proper training, they will go well with cats and other pets. They will stay more peacefully when raised together.

What makes the Irish setter to attack small pets or cats?

Many small pets and cats lack positive experiences with large dogs. This makes them fly away in the case when the Irish setter comes close to them. Their running triggers the hunter’s instinct in this breed and will chase after them resembling them as prey.  

Although they will soon stop their predatory behavior and will not attack the cat or small animal as soon as they reach close to them, but in case of the absence of training and socialization, it is difficult to control their predatory aggression, and they can injure or kill your small pet. 

How to train your Irish setter to stay peacefully and friendly with a cat or other small pets?

· In order to train your dog to go along well with your cat, you will need a leash, some tasty treats, a distracting toy, and a crate. The first thing before introducing your puppy to your kitty, teach your dog to obey your command like Sit, Come, Look, etc. 

· Holding a treat in your hand, order your dog to sit. When he sits down, reward him with a treat. This way, you can make your pup learn to obey your command. Keep practicing until he starts obeying your sit command without the treat. With the help of a treat, the same way teaches your dog to obey your command Look. 

· Now introduce your dog to your cat. Make sure that your dog is tied with a collar and leash. Reward your dog with a treat for calm behavior. In the case when your dog tries chasing or lunges toward the cat, command firmly “Leave it” with a swift tug on the collar. 

· Now increase their interaction and reward your dog every time for good behavior. Now you should start leaving your dog alone with your cat. To avoid chasing, crate either the dog or the cat. Let the cat roam freely in the room. When your dog shows calm behavior, reward them with a treat. 

· When you see that your dog is going well and calmly with your cat, let them stay together but under your supervision. This way, you can train your dog and cat to stay together. 


A fully trained Irish setter can go well with a cat and other small pets. So if you are already having a cat and planning to have one canine buddy, go for Irish setter.  

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