Is Irish setter a good Family dog?

The Irish setter is usually bred for hunting, they love to run, and there is a requirement of considerable exercise. So, the question raises for many pet owners “Is Irish setter a good family dog?” 

The answer might be different for different people. They are considered good for some families while maybe not be suitable for all families. We say this is the ideal choice of dog for the families who are looking for a medium to large size dog who is graceful, elegant in motion and build.

The dog is featured with a lovely feather coat, a good option to a family looking for some cuddle pup.

Many families prefer this dog as it is good-natured with everyone and is peaceful with other animals. The families that love to workout must choose this dog as it thrives on a lot of athletic activities and exercise.

But the families that cannot provide sufficient exercise to this breed should avoid having it as a pet. Those who are looking for a gentle dog should not choose this as it has a habit for exuberant jumping, especially when it is young.

The dog has a major issue of Separation anxiety when left alone, which makes it not so suitable for the families having more travel work. The breed requires frequent combing, brushing and is heavy shedders. So, it is not perfect as a pet for some families who can’t provide proper care. 

Before deciding whether the breed is perfect for your family or not, it is good to keep some characteristics of this breed in mind. Here in this article, we will look at the merits and demerits of having an Irish setter for your family.

What kind of dog is Irish setter?

With the stunning appearance, the breed is popular for its rollicking attitude. They are good size dogs with lively behaviour, intelligent, and possess a great sense of mischief. The breed has a good attitude for training, but if neglected, they can be barkers, diggers, and chewers.

Though the breed is a friendly and outgoing dog with both peoples and other animals, still there is a need to take some precautions while introducing them with other smaller house pets.

But to decide that this breed is ideal for your family, there is a need to consider your family lifestyle and dynamics and then make the final decision. 

Are Irish setter Good with Kids?

These dogs get well along with kids as they are known to be energetic, playful, and affectionate around them. After proper training and socialization, the breed becomes not so possessive for their toys or other stuff that reduces the chances of the dog to snatch, growl or nip at the kids.

Also, the Irish setter after proper obedience training and socialization, who are raised in families with small kids are very tolerant of kids. Along with their gentle and lovable behaviour, these dogs are energetic and patient to keep up with children of all ages. 

But there might be some challenges as this breed due to its natural playful behaviour and enthusiasm can become rambunctious and leads the kids to be knocked or bumped at play. 

But the good thing is that these minor issues can be prevented by teaching the dog to play gently with young kids and by supervising both kids and the dog at play. 

Is Irish setter good with adults?

The Irish setter is a great match for adults. The same gentle trait and playful behavior that make Irish setter ideal dog with young kids go with adults also.

The older kids can have fun playing with their companion Irish setter, and this breed responds very well to the command from adults. 

With proper participation in working and obedience training with this dog under parents, supervision can make adults an effective leader.

The non-aggressive nature of this dog is a plus point that makes it easier for adults to take this dog out with them in the park or for a walk without any worry of the dog running into other dogs or creating a problem.

Is Irish setter good with other dogs?

Irish setter with proper socialization and training are great companions with other non-aggressive dogs. Spayed or neutered Irish setter doesn’t tend to get dominant over other dogs. They are typically calmer and less likely to show any aggressive behavior. 

They are good companions with smaller breeds also. But with toy breed, there is a need for proper socialization, as this breed is highly energetic and loves rough and enthusiastic play that can be a bit much more for a tiny toy. 

Are Irish setter good family dogs or they can be aggressive?

This breed with proper training and socialization is not aggressive. These dogs are an excellent companion for several reasons.

This typical breed dog is a fun-loving and outgoing dog and loves running and playing lively. 

An adult dog with proper socialization and proper exercise is an ideal dog for most families. But poorly exercised Irish setter dogs that are not provided with proper routine attention becomes challenging to handle.

As this breed is highly energetic, so requires proper training along with adequate outside time.

Are Irish setter Good family dogs for families in Apartment?

 The Irish setter dogs are not a good match for small apartments; however, with the owner’s right commitment, they can be successfully managed in city apartments. In an ideal condition, there is a need for adequate exercise to manage this dog.

These dogs love retrieving and fetching games that include the dog to bring the items back. This is a wonderful way to provide adequate exercise along with training to these dogs.

Since these dogs are obsessive with certain activities, especially retrieval, so there is a need for a variety of options to teach this dog enough command.

Is Irish setter a Good family pet for working families?

· There is a need for proper attention to Irish setter. They also have severe separation anxiety issues. This breed loves playing with their human companion all the time. 

· This makes this breed not suitable for the families who need to go out for work for a long period of time. 

· This breed craves companionship. If all the member of the family is outside the house at school, college, or 

· work throughout the day, you will need to take help from some dog sitters or need to take your pet to doggy daycare. 

· This breed is a good family dog unless you leave them alone. Alone without proper exercise, they can turn into destructive and can chew your furniture and destruct other expensive stuff.

· In getting an Irish setter dog, there is the involvement of the time commitment.

Can Irish setter be kept alone in the house with food and toys?

No, since these dogs need much attention. You can’t leave them alone as they can turn destructive and destroy your expensive furniture.

Is Irish setter a good guard dog?

Though they can alarm bark, but count them out from guard dogs. 

Are Irish setter good hunting dog?

Yes, Irish setter is originally bred for hunting purposes in previous times. Today they are popular sporting dogs and also good as family dogs.

Bottom line:

The Irish setter is an ideal dog for the families who are having enough time for their dog. Do not a count on Irish setter if your family is working and can’t provide proper training and exercise to the new companion.

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