How to tame and bond with kakariki?

There is no any sort of formula or particular methods or rules to be followed to tame a kakariki, but yes, for sure, there are some tips you can follow to tame this pet.

For every bird, a new home or a new ambiance is a bit strange to them. They don’t just easily fall in love with a place or adjust to the things around them to start behaving normally.

It takes time for them as well to cope up with their surroundings and people. And this frequency of time depends on the pet owner, how they take care of, and how comfortable you make them and welcome them to be part of your family.

Most required tips for taming Kakariki are as follows:

Build up your patience level. A newly invited bird definitely takes some time to adjust to a new ambiance. So, the pet owner has to treat them with extreme patience until they adapt to the new home and sync with new friends. Cleaning their cage, feeding them, and taking care definitely deals with patience through which you will be recognized by Kakariki bad get a chance to tame them.

  • Slow approach

In the excitement of touching or taming Kakariki, your fast actions would scare them out, and it may take more time to connect with pet owners. So, always a slow approach is the best thing you can practice. Address your Kakariki very calmly and slow by avoiding an eye contact because there are chances of thinking you as a predator and acts weird. Instead of maintaining direct eye contact close to them, try to stand a little away below their eye level and try to approach very slowly day by day. Offer some treats for every acceptance of your step.

  • Invest some time

Kakariki birds are very loving and found of being around with people. It can’t be left alone for a long time so, make sure you invest some time in them and mark your presence. Kakariki maintenance apparently absorbs time, and proper care would keep them healthy and tidy as well. Kakariki is good at memorizing and recognizing people; hence by this, you can say, the more time you allocate to them, much the closer you become.  

  • Comfort them

When brought to a new place, Kakariki may feel stressed due to change in their habitat all of a sudden. So, try to comfort them as much as you can by creating a stress-free environment for them. Please keep them in a low sound and less polluted area so as keep up their harmony. Offer their favorite foods and make comfortable arrangements in a cage. Put clear supervision and boost their strength and happiness in a healthy way. So, that it would build up trust in you and gets tamed.

  • Interact with them

Spending up some time in a cage or sitting nearby with them and interacting would decrease their fear levels for sure. They are so good at remembering and smart enough to react to your interactions as well. So, socialize with your bird as much as you can with even more fun and interesting. This makes them feel comfortable and safe with your presence.

  • Reward them with a treat

For all the actions you do to tame them should be rewarded with a treat. Thus, encouraging them for human connection and eliminates the fear of humans. Some birds may have bad experiences with their past owner, so it would take time to tune up back with humans. So, offering them their favorite treats for every closer step towards them will be effective. 

  • Keep voices low

A loud voice or sudden sounds would scare them out like anything. A pleasant or peaceful ambiance is always advisable for your newly invited Kakariki. They may be so stressed with the sudden change of habitat, so loud noises will increase their stress levels, which is not good for them. Even while you interact, keep your voice low and talk to them sweetly in a friendly manner. Keep them away from polluted or crowded areas to ensure their harmony.

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