How to keep the Great Pyrenees busy?

Want to own a royal dog from France? None of the other breeds can beat the great Pyrenee. The beautiful white coat, the gigantic size, the independent personality, and their commanding presence is the reason for the increase in the popularity of this truly regal canine. 

They were originally developed to protect and guard humans, but today they serve as a truly human companion dog and household pet. Because of their origin, they have some protective instincts as well. Along with their protective behavior, the Pyrenees are known for their loyalty and devotion to their family. 

 Like a human, the Pyrenees also want to have a busy life schedule. In general, they love participating in every activity of their family. As soon as they are done waiting for the next activity, they will throw themselves into playing and walking. But it is not possible for them to stay busy all the time without any involvement from the human partner. 

As a master of such a loyal and devotee dog, we must keep them entertained. We know humans have a lot of work to do. It is often difficult for every owner to manage time and energy to keep the Pyrenees busy all the time. 

But in this guide, we present you some tactics that you can use in order to keep your Pyrenees not only busy but also entertained. Before going to the methods to keep the Pyrenees busy, one should know the signs of boredom in the Pyrenees. 

What are the signs of boredom in the Pyrenees dog?

Like humans and other dogs, Pyrenees also require a busy schedule to keep themselves busy and entertained. In the absence of activities and work, they often get bored. Here we are discussing the symptoms of boredom in the Pyrenees:

In case of boredom, Pyrenees often appears lazy and disinterested. When you notice your Pyrenees not showing interest even in their favorite game, it means there is something wrong. 

Also, when you notice that your Pyrenees is barking more than usual, it means they want your attention. 

In a boredom situation, the Pyrenees will either appear lazy and will not show any interest even in their favorite toy and game. Or they will start barking to attract your attention. 

How to keep the Pyrenees dog busy and entertained?

The best you can do to keep your Pyrenees busy is to give them a bit of your attention.  

In your free time, take your Pyrenees out for a long walk. Play with them and walk in the park or garden. The least you can do is to take them at least to a shop. 

In your resting time, you can keep them engage in toys. Just throw some toys like a ball on them, and they will get engage in that toy, letting you rest and watch TV. 

In the case when nothing is possible, just allow your Pyrenees to play with you. This will make them feel close to you. The feel of being close will not reduce their boredom but will at least keep them happy throughout the day. 

When none of your efforts bring any change in your Pyrenees, there are chances that they are suffering from separation anxiety. Even after your attention, your canine buddy is still showing disinterest and lazy behavior, which is a sign of separation anxiety. 

In the case of separation anxiety, there is a need for more attention. It requires you to pay more attention to your four-legged best friend, invest more time with them, play with them, take them out for a long walk, spend some good time in the park with your Pyrenees, and never let them feel lonely. 

When none of the above methods work, it is time to seek help from an animal expert or veterinarian.

No worries, there are several methods available to reduce the anxiety level of your dog. A little change in your time schedule can help to bring the difference in your Pyrenee’s overall well-being.

The bottom line

So these are some symptoms of boredom in the Pyrenees and how to keep them busy. Your continuous busy schedule and complete ignorance can lead to the development of separation anxiety in your Pyrenees dog. We recommend you either not to adopt a dog, or if you have adopted a dog, give some of your time to him as well. Play with him, take him out for a long walk, and have some good time with your Pyrenees. 

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