How to dry a golden retriever after a bath?

When your golden retriever stays mostly indoors, there is less need for bathing your dog very often. These Golden retriever breeds don’t stink much like some other dog breed.

Still, there is a need for a dog to bathe at least twice a month, as bathing keeps your pup safe from parasites and bacteria. 

Also, there is a requirement for a bath when your furry friend gets in dirty water, plays in the mud, and rolls in a dead animal. It is easy to give a bath to your dog, like golden retriever love playing with water.  

Bathing a golden retriever

Before giving a bath to your golden retriever, it is advised to give a full body brush to your puppy.

The shampoo you are using for your dog must be specially designed for dogs. The human shampoo has a different formula that is not compatible with dogs.

Dog’s shampoo will ensure that your furry friend stays in its best condition and will smell nice. While giving a bath, you can either use a shower or bathing tub.

In summer, you can give a bath outside to your dog. Ensure that the water you are using for the bath is neither too cold nor too hot and should be comfortable for your puppy. 

Avoid the shampoo to get in your dog’s eyes and ears. If you use conditioner, make sure you are properly rinsing your dog. 

How to dry Golden retriever after a bath?

Once surplus water is dropped down, wrap your puppy in a large super absorbent Dog towel. It would be best if you gently dabbed the towel to make the coat damp. Avoid drying your Golden retriever vigorously, as this can result in split ends, frizz, and matting. 

Popular ways to dry your Golden retriever after a bath

As your golden retriever may develop nasty skin condition in the case when its coat remains damp for a long time, thus drying proper your dog is necessary.

Given below are the ways to dry your golden retriever with pros and cons:

1] Air Drying

  • This method of air drying is old-fashioned but can work for dogs with a short coat.
  • This method is not preferable for Golden Retrievers as your pup may roll on your carpet and rub its wet dog smell against your furniture. 
  • Also, leaving your dog outside for air drying is not recommended as your dog may roll in the mud and ruin all your hard work. 
  • Air drying is never recommended for dogs like a golden retriever with long and dense coats, especially in humid weather conditions. 
  • A damp coat may promote the growth of bacteria and parasites and leads to a skin infection.

2] Towel 

  • Using a towel to dry your golden retriever’s long and dense coat is a tiring method of drying. Also, most of the people are using towels improperly. 
  • They are using towels vigorously to get their puppy rid of excess moisture. This method could lead to mats and tangles. 
  • Experts recommend following the dabbing method for using towels. It is advised to press a towel on a wet pup’s fur and let it soak as much moisture as possible. Repeat the process until your Golden pooch is dry enough. 
  • Using a regular bath towel makes this process even more tedious. You can go for a canine absorbent towel specially designed for dogs. 
  • This is much thinner but can absorb much more moisture. It is smooth enough not to cause tangle in your furry friend. 

3] Hairdryer

This is a speedy way to dry your pet. But you need to follow the following instruction to avoid accidental burning your dog:

  • Use the Hairdryer in its lowest settings.
  • Keep a distance of a couple of inches between the nozzle and your dog’s fur.
  • Always keep your hairdryer moving and avoid focusing the heat in one spot. 

Before using a hairdryer more frequently, first, make your dog comfortable with its sensation of having warm air blown on its fur and the noise. You should introduce the hairdryer gradually.

4] Quick drying spray

A variety of quick-drying sprays is available in the market that claims to shorten the time of drying your puppy’s fur.

However, some users are not satisfied with this product. If you plan to use such products, experiment with the amount of spray applied to get the best results.

The Bottom line

So, these are some ways to dry your Golden retriever after a bath easily. Let us know the method you like the most.        

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