How to calm down a french bulldog

French bulldog puppies have behavior to show hyperactivity like getting excited, biting, barking, and pulling on the leash. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for the owner to control them. Many owners of French bulldog puppy comes to us with a query on how to calm down a French bulldog puppy. 

The best way to calm the French bulldog puppy is to help it spend an excess of energy. Though all young puppies are energetic, but the French bulldog’s puppies are even more energetic in comparison to others. At a young age, in order to calm this crazy young ball of fur, there is a need for the draining of excess energy. 

It is very difficult for the owner to control this young, energetic pup from a French bulldog. But the good news is that they gradually calm down as they grow older and become loveable and tranquil doggies. 

In case when you have tried everything to calm your buddy, give this article a proper read from top to end. Here we will discuss the reason why Frenchies pups are hyperactive and how to control their overactivity. 

Why are French Bulldogs more active?

Franchises are comparatively more active than other pups. Here we list you some reason that is a major cause for hyperactivity of your French bulldog pups:


In the case when you are a little busy and not giving proper attention and playtime to your puppy, then it will start getting bored. This boredom will make them bark and show hyperactivity. 

Also, when you work for a long time leaving your French bulldog buddy alone at home, they will get more active after seeing you.


Lack of exercise is the major reason for the French bulldog pup to show overactive behavior. The pup with less exercise will have more energy-packed in their tiny body to spend. Then they will start creating fuss to get their energy out. 

So if you don’t get them to exercise properly, they will continue showing hyperactive behavior to spend their excess energy.  


Fear is another reason that makes this bulldog buddy bark and shows hyperactivity. Sometimes we don’t notice small things like a cockroach or other insect, but our puppy notices them and starts barking out of fear. 

Also, the French bulldog is considered to be a timid breed, and they start barking at everything that they feel scary. 


Similar to a human child, puppies are also immature, highly energetic, and silly. Like a human child, they will continuously irritate you until they don’t get proper playtime and attention.  


Hunger can also make this little creature making a fuss and destructing things showing hyperactive behavior. When you see that your pup is riling up mostly around mealtime, this means that the food you are giving is not enough to fill its cute little belly. Also, they can show dynamic behavior when they don’t like kibble. 

So, if your little furry baby is not satisfied with food, then it will start acting out and start engaging in overactive behavior.   

How to calm down a French bulldog puppy

The best way to calm this crazy ball of fur is to provide them with calming chews more frequently. In case when this creature still creating a nuisance, then make them spend their excess energy through exercise or agility sports.

Below are some techniques to calm your French bulldog pup:

Please provide them with proper and adequate exercise. 

Mental stimulation might help your puppy to calm down. You can give your furry baby some task to do like learning a new trick, finding something, or others to keep them busy. This will not only keep them busy but will also help them drain some excess energy. 

Training is the most common and effective way to calm your puppy down. Regular training for a set amount of time will be most effective to calm your buddy. 

Offer them less sugary food with fewer calories.

You can also reward them with treats when they show calm and tranquil behavior and doing their task quietly. 

At what age do French Bulldogs puppies calm down?

The excess excitement in your Frenchies puppy will start going down around 2 to 3 years of age. But your pup might take 4 to 5 years to calm down and stop displaying hyperactive behavior. 

The bottom line

French bulldog puppies are the hyperactive tiny creature that gradually calms down with growing age. I hope this article helps you!    

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