How high can Golden Retrievers jump?

Being family-loving dogs, golden retrievers are also good jumpers. You must have noticed your golden retriever greets by jumping up on you or your guests. It is their way to show their enthusiasm. Many owners have a query of how high can a golden retriever can jump? 

Most of the golden retriever can jump up to the height of 4 to 6 ft easily without any requirement of good run up space. The height of the jump may increase with goo run up space. 

This behavior looks cute, only up to when your Goldie buddy is in its puppy age. But they won’t be tiny forever. It is definitely not cute when a golden retriever with 70lb weight jumps on you.

The paws of a big golden retriever can reach on your chest when they jump on you. This can be really serious as they can easily knock any people down.

How high can golden retrievers jump?

A fully grown golden retriever can jump up to the height of 4 to 6ft without any need for run up space. Their height for the jump can increase when they get 10 to 15 feet run up space. The golden retriever has the ability to jump to the height as other big dogs can.  

Can Golden Retrievers jump over the fences? What should be the height of the fences for a golden retriever?

Yes, since golden retrievers have the habit of jumping, they can escape out from the fence. They can easily jump up the fence with a height of 6 ft or less. The fence height for your golden buddy should be more than 10 ft with less run-up space around the fence. 

Are Golden Retrievers good jumpers?

Yes, Golden retrievers are really good jumpers, especially when they are at their young age of 2 to 6 years old. At this age, they are in their best and prime physical condition. 

With their high jump, they can knock down any person. But no need to worry, as you can train them not to jump. 

Why golden retrievers jumps?

They show their love for people by jumping on them. Jumping is their way of greeting people and interact with them. This way, they can greet people face to face. 

Other reasons that make this golden creature to jump is their excess physical and mental energy. Also, sometimes, intentionally, we encourage the tiny golden buddy to jump, and the habit continues even when they grow adult. 

Many people consider their jump as their way to show dominance. This is not true. They never jump to show their aggressiveness or dominance; instead, they love people and show their excitement by jumping up on people. 

Though it is their sweet behavior, but it can cause a serious problem, so they need to control it. 

What are the factors that determine how high the golden retriever can jump?

Generally, the golden buddy has the ability to jump as high as other big dogs. But their jumping height highly depends on the following factors:      

Age: Younger golden retriever can jump up to more height than the older one. Since your puppy is full of enthusiasm and energy at their younger age, it declines as the age progress. 

Also, hip problems are more common in senior Golden retrievers, preventing them from jumping and making the jumping process quite painful.

 When between 2 to 7 years of age, a golden retriever can jump to the maximum height. This is the aging time when this buddy is full of energy, and their body is in prime and best physical condition. 

Health: A dog with good health is but obviously more active and so can jump high. The same goes for the golden retriever. When your fur baby is suffering from pain or any other health issue, it will show less activity and cannot jump high. 

Also, the golden buddy in their optimum age can jump high. But after attaining overweight, they cannot jump that much high. The height of the jump decrease with an increase in excess weight.

Motivation: You can increase the jump of your fur baby by encouraging him. The height of the jump can be increase with motivation. The dogs in search of a mate can jump higher.

Experience: Trained Golden retriever can jump to more height than the buddy who is learning to jump. But in the case when the golden retriever has bad prior experience of jumping like get injured due to high jump have less chance to jump high in the future. 

How to prevent the golden retriever from jumping the fence?

Here we present you some ways to prevent your golden buddy from jumping out the fence:

Eliminate the cause for jumping:

Eliminating the cause will prevent your buddy from jumping out the fence. If they are looking for a mate, then spay or neuter them. When they find more fun outside, they will try to jump out. In this case, try to make the indoors activity more fun. 

In the case when they jump to get exercise, offer them a higher dose of daily exercise if they run behind to teach them.

Increase the height of the fence:

This is another way to prevent your fur baby to escape out of the fence. 

Restrict their outside view:

When your dog can’t see what’s going outside, their urge to go outside will decrease. Thus they will try less to escape out the fence. 

Reduce the run-up space

Reducing the run-up space by using the obstacle will decrease the jump height. Thus they cannot jump that high to escape the fence. 

How to prevent the Golden retriever from jumping?

The jump of the golden retriever can hurt people and can knock them down. So it is essential to teach your buddy not to jump on your or other people. Here are the ways to teach your fur buddy not to jump:

Teach your puppy to sit and stay

Before teaching your golden buddy not to jump, it is essential that they follow your command of sit and stay. So first, teach them to sit down and stay quiet on your commands. 

Daily exercise

As mentioned, excess energy is one of the reasons why they jump. So when you increase the daily dose of the exercise, they will automatically reduce this behavior. 

Let them know what you want them to do.

When you say to your puppy…” No baby, please don’t jump,” this is not going to make any sense. It would be best if you made them learn what you want them to do. 

 Command them to sit when they are about to greet you or jump on you. This way, you can rectify their jumping behavior. 

You should also reward them for their good behavior and ignore them when they jump. 

Practice them to greet politely

Once they know what you want, practice them to greet politely. You can decide a particular time for practicing polite greeting and not jumping. Also, you can turn your daily greeting into a mini-training session.

The bottom line

This way, you can teach your buddy to meet politely instead of jumping. I hope this article helps you.     

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