How high can a Pomeranian jump?

Tiny Pomeranian descended from large sled dogs, an active, compact, and loving dog that can beat any other dogs in obedience and agility. However, they are small in size but have power like a big dog. Many dog owners also have a question that, “How high can a Pomeranian jump?”

Being despite their small size, they are high jumpers. Pomeranians can jump up to a height of 4 to 5 ft easily without any need to run up space. The height can, even more, increase with a good run up space. 

But in this case, when your Pomeranian suddenly stops jumping without any training, it may be the sign that your puppy is suffering from some pain. They are more prone to hip and patella dislocation. These can be mild or severe, depending on the percentage of dislocation. 

Here in this article, we will discuss how high a Pomeranian can jump, why it jumps on people, and how to prevent this buddy from jumping. 

How high can a Pomeranian jump?

A small Pomeranian of 1 ft can jump up to 4 to 5 ft high straight up in the air. A physically fit Pomeranian with high stamina can jump even high. Sometimes, this loving creates a nuisance, and they start jumping when they need something from you. This can also be irritating. But don’t worry. Fortunately, it is possible to train your puppy to learn not to jump. 

In a mild case, your pup can walk without showing any symptoms. But the severe case can make walking difficult for your dog. There is a requirement for surgery to fix this anomaly. 

However, Pomeranians are more prone to hip displacement and luxating patella disease. In this disease, hip or patella/ knee bone can be dislocated from its place and cause discomfort. 

This disease can be mild or severe. With mild symptoms, your pom can walk easily without showing any symptoms. While the severe form causes much pain and will make it difficult for your puppy to walk. In that case, there is a need for surgery to fix the kneecap.

Also, the jumping behavior of your furry ball looks cute when they are in their pup stage. It is easy to handle that tiny paws on your legs. But they can’t be tiny forever.

As they grow old, they gain weight. But their jumping behavior doesn’t change. So when a big dog jumps on you and puts its paws on your chest is definitely not cute. This can sometimes be serious.

Why does Pomeranian jump on people?

Pomeranian dogs have opportunistic behavior. If they know how to get something that they want, they will do the same. The same goes for its jumping behavior. Let’s explore why they do that,

  1. When they are in their pup stage, they start jumping to get your attention. As this tiny creature is impossible to ignore, so when he put its little paws on you, you couldn’t resist doing what he wants. So it becomes its habit to jump to get what he wants. 
  2. The puppy will learn to put its paw on you to get your approval for anything. And it continues its jumping behavior. It means the basic reason for your pom to jump is to get attention, not out of fear and aggression.   
  3. Boredom is another reason that makes your pom jump. Whenever you notice that your Pomeranian is jumping for no reason, boredom is the cause behind their jumping. 
  4. Jumping is also their way to show excitement. They start jumping when you arrive home. This way, they show their excitement after seeing you.
  5. Lack of exercise is another reason that can make your pup to jump more than normal. Sometimes, they tend to jump in a fearful condition also. 
  6. We cannot ignore the factor of separation anxiety. When you leave them alone, this also increases the case of jumping in Pomeranian. In this case, you should make your pom learn to stay alone. Don’t encourage their jumping behavior by giving attention. Instead, ignore them.   

Luckily it is possible to make your pom learn to stop this behavior. All you need is to stop rewarding your puppy for jumping. Instead, reward it for its good behavior. This way, it will change its habit of jumping for rewards. 

How to stop Pomeranian from jumping?

As mentioned above, the first thing you need is to stop rewarding it for jumping behavior. Instead, the owner should ignore it when it starts jumping for attention. You can ignore your pom, turn around, and walk away. 

You and every member of your family need to follow this rule every time strictly. If you think that your puppy’s jumping behavior is not troubling you, and you keep giving it attention. Its behavior will get strong, and later it will become even more difficult to manage. 

Also, it would be best if you taught your puppy to sit on your command. As they ready to jump, command them to sit. And reward them when they sit quietly. On sitting, reward your pup with the thing it was jumping for, whether it is a toy, food, treat, or anything else. 

When you continuously do this, your puppy will learn that they will get a reward for sitting, not for jumping. This way, they will automatically quit this habit and will obey you even more. 

So it is an excellent way of controlling their jumping behavior. Wait until they sit and after that only, reward them with the thing they want!   

Another way to prevent this jumping behavior in your pom is management. You can hold them lightly when greeting other people. Hold them until they start feeling comfortable with the attention they are getting.

Also, having your puppy on a leash is helpful to prevent them from jumping. When you meet any people who excite your pom to jump, just step on the leash and control your pom physically so that it cannot do the jumping practice. You can also keep your puppy on a leash during the training process to remind them not to jump.             


The Pomeranians tend to jump when they want something or to get attention. But you can control their jumping behavior with the help of the tips mentioned above. I hope this article helps you.    

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