How does a golden retriever show affection?

Humans can easily show their affection and love toward their pets by rubbing their belly, providing treat, or saying “I Love You” during snuggle sessions. But have you ever think, how our dogs show affection in return?

Yes, our dog, like a golden retriever, communicates clearly and shows their affection. Dogs use their complete body from nose to tail in conveying their affection. By the end, you are going to get a clear picture of it.

Does golden retriever love you? 

How Golden retrievers show affection?

The golden retriever’s primary ways to show affection are getting excited about seeing you, rubbing nose on you, making eye contact with you, and many more.

Your dog, when loves you, feels secure and comfortable around you. It often put itself in vulnerable positions when around you and leans on you. Licking and bringing things to you are other ways used by Golden retriever to show affection.

There are several ways that depict that your puppy loves you. Here in this article, we will discuss all such ways that a dog uses to show affection:

Obey you

Following your orders is that way of showing affection by your dog. When your dog loves you, it will listen to you and does what you say. This depicts that your dog trusts you and has faith that you are never going to harm it. 

Get excited when you come home.

Getting excited about seeing you is another sign of showing affection by your golden retriever. It is a sign that your dog is delighted by seeing you. 

Put itself in vulnerable positions.

When your golden retriever loves, you will feel safe around you. It often put itself invulnerable positions like laying on its back when around you. This behavior depicts that they are feeling safe and secure around you.  

Guard you and your home

Your dog will not show any interest when it doesn’t love you. But when it loves you, will often show protective behavior when there is some stranger at the door. It will also become possessive when someone it doesn’t know is around you. This is the way of showing affection to you and wants to protect you from all bad things. 

Will licks you

When your golden retriever licks you a lot means it loves you a lot. They lick when they show submissive behavior. 

Will nose you

Putting a nose on you is the way for a dog to gather information about you. When your golden retriever noses on, you mean it loves you a lot and wants to know about your health, where you have been, and are you okay. 

Will make eye contact with you.

Making eye contact with a dog leads to releasing the Oxytocin hormone that strengthens your bond with the dog. Your dog will show affection by making eye contact with you.

Will leans on you

Golden retriever often tends on lean on their owner. This is their way of showing affection that they trust in their owner. 

It brings things to you

When the dog brings things to you, meaning that they love you and consider you as a member of their pack. With this behavior, they want to show that they care for you.

They don’t hide from you

When your golden retriever doesn’t hide when around, you mean that they love you. This behavior depicts that they feel safe around you.

They will follow you

When your dog follows your order means they love you. Dogs often show affection by obeying their owner.

They make you rub their belly.

Making you rub their belly is a sign of love by Golden retriever. They trust you and get themselves in a vulnerable position. They make you rub their belly and feel comfortable around you. 

How to make your Golden retriever love you more?

Follow the tips given below to make your golden retriever love you more:

Give them daily exercise.

The dog loves to exercise. When you give them exercise through some games, they will love you more.

Feed them on time

Feeding your dog on time and never let them starve for long will help you strengthen your bond.

Reward them with a treat

Rewarding them with treat also make them love you more. 

Avoid punishing them

You should avoid punishing them as long as possible. When you punish them for something wrong, your golden retriever might not understand why and could lead to bad feelings. 

Why golden retriever stop showing affection suddenly?

When your golden retriever stop showing affection doesn’t mean that it stops loving you, sometimes bad health can also cause this behavior.

You should consult your veterinarian when your dogs suddenly stop showing affection.   

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