Finches vs Sparrow Vs Wren – Comparison

Birds are one of the most preferred pets by people. This is because they are easy to maintain and also keep the home lively. It is a great feeling to look into the various colors of the birds every day.

Small-sized birds like finches, sparrows and wren are wonderful as pet birds. This article will help you compare and contrast between these birds.

These birds are small-sized pet birds that are suitable for households. Here we will look into the difference between them and which can be chosen as a pet for your home. 

ABOUTFinches are tiny and socially interactive birds. Although these birds cannot talk, they are playful in their own way. They get chirpy and lively every day.Sparrows are seen in our everyday lives. They are attracted to trees around us. As pet birds, sparrows are very enthusiastic and chirpy.Wren is liked by many as they have a beautiful tone. They can sing along with nature every day. However, they cannot talk or repeat words.
SIZEGrows between 10cm to 15cm and it weighs 12g or less.Sparrows can vary from 10cm to 13cm.The size of a wren is 11cm to 13cm.
LIFE EXPECTANCYUpto 8 yearsUpto 10 years.Upto 10 to 12 years.
APPEARANCEFinches can come in different colours. The most common ones have a small red beak with a stout body. Their feet are tiny. Their wings can spread up to 12cm.Sparrows have an earthy appearance. Their tails are longer. It has tiny feathers that appear subtle along with colour. The beak is small and slightly curved. .Wren has a similar appearance to sparrows. They are dark coloured with a curved beak. They have a lighter earthy colour around the eyebrows. Their tail is medium.
BEHAVIOURFinches are known for their chatter and lively nature. It is best to have them in flocks as they interact better than keeping them alone.Sparrows are chirpy every time. Their pleasant sounds make them suitable for homes. They can easily get friendly with the owners.These chirpy birds are happy and playful. Their voice is like tiny songs that make them attractive pets.
TEMPERAMENTThey live in flocks and are socially interactive.Sparrows are friendly and easy going.Wren is cuddly and amicable.
HEALTH CONDITIONSMites in their feathers can be a worrying health issue.Improper nutrition can make them less lively and lean.They can lose their feathers due to mites or insects. Grooming from a vet is advisable.
CAGINGA small cage is only required to accommodate finches.A cage of 30cm to 40cm is more than enough for sparrows. This can include a few play items and a water bowl too.As wrens are playful, small plants and bird swings can be accommodated in a birdhouse.
FOOD AND DIETFinches love to eat grains and seeds. There are pet bird diet foods that can be used too.Sparrows can eat anything from grains, nuts, rice and seeds.They can eat small worms, grains and a few fruits too.
PRICE$20 to $100$20 to $50$30 to $100


Finches, sparrows and wren are all tiny and energetic birds.

As pets, finches can feel left out without their flock. They will require good companionship other than members at home.

Sparrows are friendly and safe birds as pets.

Wren is a seasonal bird that takes time to accommodate at home. They might like a birdhouse and a lot more attention. Otherwise, the cost and maintenance are similar to all the three birds. 

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