Dogs that are similar to border collies

Border collies are among some cleverest dogs that serve as great family dogs. This four-legged pup is reported as one of the smartest dogs in the world. They have bossy behavior, and this distinguishes them from other dog breeds.

Border collies are fast dogs that require a high dose of energy, and they can run the entire day. But sometimes, we wish to have a dog having personality or appearance like Border collie but not Border collie. To solve this issue, here we present you with some dogs that are similar to border collies. 

Given below are some examples of dogs that resemble border collies. The first 5 in this list resemble border collie but may not have behaved like a border collie.

In comparison, the next 5 dog breeds have a temperament like a border collie but may not have the same appearance as in border collie. 

Dogs that are similar to border collies

Given below are the lists of dogs that look similar to Border collies:

The Australian Shepherd  

  • The Australian shepherd, popularly known as Aussie, is a beautiful dog with a smart mind and an agile body. This dog is just slightly different from its distant cousin, a Border collie. 
  • This breed looks more like a border collie and has a rough coat. This rough coat of Australian shepherd has a different pattern like in classic border collies. This breed pattern can be black, blue merle, red, with or without white Scottish markings.
  • The only difference in both these breeds, Border collie and Australian shepherd, is their tail. The tail in Australian Shepherds or so-called Aussies has a natural or docked bobtail. While in border collies, the tail is usually full. 

Shetland sheepdog

  • This dog is perfect for those who are looking for a dog that resembles more like a border collie but in half of the size. The Shetland sheepdog, popularly known as Sheltie, is also a part of the herding group. This dog is eager to please its owner, and therefore you can train this dog easily. 
  • Like Border Collies, this dog also demands much exercise and is the most energetic dog. They are good with kids also and will prove to be a great family dog. 
  • Unlike border collies, this dog doesn’t need to supervise when with other dogs or young kids. Like border collies, this breed also comes in a variety of color and are even a more active and energetic dog. Many people love taming the sheltie dog because of their smart, playful, affectionate, and sensitive behavior.      

Scotch Collie

  • Referred to as Old-time Scotch collies, these scotch collies resembles much with the appearance of border collies. They look like across bred product of Border collies and collies. 
  • This breed also possesses a similar look as collies have. The scotch collies are popular among dog lovers for their sensitive, sweet nature, and family-oriented nature. They are considered even more obedient than the border collies. Thus anybody can easily train this breed with fewer efforts with a particular strategy. 
  • You can also trust this breed with other dogs and small kids. This breed is known for its gentleness and love for children. The scotch collie breed has an agile body and attractive look like in Border collies.

Belgian Sheepdog

  • The Belgian sheepdog resembles much like the border collie physically. They have a long rough coat that requires brushing 2 to 3 times a week. Like border collies, they are highly energetic dogs and require much exercise.
  • They are gentle dogs that can be trained easily. Despite gentleness and ease in training this dog, it requires supervision when with other dogs or young kids. Like border collies, this dog is also very sensitive, intelligent, and very active. 

New Zealand Heading dog

  • Like the Australian shepherd dog, this New Zealand heading dog is also a direct descendant of the border collies. Like border collies, this dog is also a very agile, active, and attractive dog that usually comes in black and white, or black-white, and copper coloration. But sometimes, you can see the tan or red coloration in this breed. 
  • The coat in this breed is either rough or smooth and possesses the classic pattern of marking, as you can notice in border collies. They are a highly energetic dog that requires regular exercise. Just a walk is not sufficient, and you will need to provide them with some run, play, or retrieving like exercise. 

So above are some dogs that look Similar to border collies.

Now we list you some dogs that have the same temperament as Border collies. 

Australian Cattle dog

  • Like Border collie, these dogs are also highly energetic, hard-working, and intelligent dogs bred for the herding purpose. They are active dogs that can thrive only with an active family. These dogs are known to love participating in sports activities like rally obedience, agility, herding trials, and fly balls.    
  • This breed is popular for its incredible work drive. Before getting this dog as your pet, make sure you have time to keep this dog engaged in sports and exercise activities. In lack of proper exercise, they can turn mischievous. They are very smart dogs who are even reported to outsmart their owners. 


The Rottweiler breed is also known to have the temperament as in border collies. This breed from ancient times is known for cattle herder, guardians, and cart pullers. But in today’s era, they are more popular for their gentleness with friends and family, bravery, and strength in defending their loved ones. 

German shepherd

  • The German shepherd is also a highly active breed that is usually standardized with its utility and intelligence. This breed is becoming more popular among dog lovers because of their ability to learn different commands for different tasks. Their easy learning reason makes this dog well known for their high intelligence. 
  • With loyalty, confidence, and athleticism, the German shepherd has proved to be a wonderful family pet and military canine, assistance dog, and skilled herder as well. 

Rough collies

Being closer to border collies, this breed also has the same temperament as border collies. This breed is well known for its distinctive markings, flowing manes, and loyal personality, as in border collies.

Cardigan Welsh corgi

The Cardigan Welsh corgi may share a little similarity in appearance with border collies; still, they have temperamental qualities much similar to border collies. They are also intelligent and easy to train breed. 


None of the dogs are almost similar. Still, the above dogs share some similarities with border collies, either in look or in temperament.  

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