Do Ragdoll cats shed? How to control shedding in ragdoll cats

Several people love adopting and playing with cats, but they avoid it because of the cat’s fur. But many breeders spread a myth that there are certain cats that do not shed. And Ragdoll is included in such cats that do not shed much. Let’s see how true this fact is…

Do Ragdoll cats shed?

There is no cat in the world that does not shed. So it is completely false that Ragdoll does not shed. You should keep it in your mind that there is nothing such non-shedding cat in the world. 

The main reason for the excessive shedding of fur is an inner coat. Though ragdoll cat is not provided with such an inner coat, they still have the issue of shedding. You still need to clean up your floor regularly, but a bit less than other cats. 

Since this breed is not having an inner coat, they shed a bit lower than other cats. Thus you will need fewer efforts to keep your house, furniture, and clothes free from your cat’s fur. 

 How much do ragdoll cats shed?

They shed a bit lower than other cats having an inner coat. But we cannot accurately quantify the amount of shedding. Their shedding depends on several factors like diet, climate, temperature, a change in season, lifestyle, and how much you groom, etc.  

With less protein diet, they will start shedding more. So a proper healthy and balanced diet is required for them to lose less fur. Also, with an increase in temperature, they will shed more. 

Change in climate often cause them to lose their old fur coat and get another new one. During this time of changing season, your cat will face heavy shedding. When you groom your cat more often, this will remove lots of their loose hair. Thus they will shed less everywhere in your house.

What are the reasons for shedding in ragdoll cats?

Several reasons can accelerate shedding in cats. Some of these are:

  • Diet: This is one of the major reasons that cause shedding in cats. When your cat’s diet lacks protein or any other nutrient, your cat will start shedding fur. 
  • Summer: In the summertime, the cat begins shedding fur. It is the physiological process to maintain body temperature. In the summer season, the shedding will increase to keep the body cool.
  • Warm house: when you have a centrally heated house, then it may cause your cat to shed more. This will confuse the cat’s body that it is summer season, your cat will shed more. 
  • Improper grooming: When you don’t groom your cat regularly or groom them improperly, some of the loose hair will remain attached. These loose hairs will later shed here and there on your furniture, clothes, or floor.
  • Skin infection: Sometimes, infection and another skin allergy can accelerate the shedding in cats. 

How to manage or control shedding in ragdoll cats?

In order to manage shedding, you should offer your cat an ideal condition. Still, it is impossible to completely stop the loss of fur; yet, you can manage them up to a certain limit. So these are some tips that might help you manage shedding in your ragdoll cat:

  • Provide them with a nutritious and balanced diet. Cat’s diet must contain some amount of meat; otherwise, they will start showing lack of nutrition symptoms, including shedding. 
  • Regular proper grooming will help to remove all the extra loose hairs, thus prevent them from shedding here and there on the floor. 
  • Try to provide your cat with an ideal temperature that is neither too cold, nor too hot. You can take help from the air conditioner to maintain the temperature for your cat. 
  • Bath your cat once a month. Taking care of hygiene will help control the shedding up too much extent. 
  • Keep them hydrated. Loss of water in the body often leads to dry skin and more fur loss in cats. 
  • In case of any infection, consult your veterinarian as early as possible. 


Ragdoll cat is definitely an excellent addition to your family. In case when you are looking for a cat without the issue of shedding, then you should go for hairless cats. But if you can manage proper regular grooming, then this ragdoll cat will shed very low and will prove to be a perfect choice. 

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