Do ragdoll cats like water?

While it is common thinking that cats hate water. And, this is true up to some sense. But this fact doesn’t go with all cats. Not all cats hate water. Some cats are reported to like water, and they enjoy being around water. 

And, one such cat we are talking about who likes water is the Ragdoll cat. This cat loves being in the water, and they enjoy bathing, swimming, and other water activities. 

Only a few cat owners like the owner of a ragdoll will get a chance to shoo their cat out of the bathroom when they need to take a bath or out from the sink when they need to wash their hands or away. 

Do ragdoll cats like water?

Yes, the ragdoll cat is among such rare cats who love being in the water. They actually love the sound of running water and will jump in water anywhere when they notice it. 

As a Ragdoll cat owner, you will see your cat playing in a bathtub, kitchen sink, or a swimming pool. This cat is known for its captivation for water, and they love playing in the water for hours. 

We recommend you never leave your cat alone in the water as they might drown down in the water. Always let your cat play in the water under your supervision. 

What may be the causes that can make this ragdoll cat hates water?

Most of the ragdoll is reported to love water. They may resist when you introduce them to water for the first time, but soon they will start enjoying the water. Once they get comfortable with water, you can leave them playing in the water for hours. 

But some starting bad experiences with water can end up leaving them to dislike water. Several other reasons can also cause them to hate water.

The most important reason for this ragdoll cat to dislike water is prior to negative experiences. Sometimes, bad experiences during their kittenhood make this kitty scared of water.   

Also, since this breed has long hair, getting drenched in water make them feel heavier. This can cause them difficult to move. And their fur is not water-resistant as well; this can make them even less secure in the water. 

How to help your ragdoll kitty get used to water?

Most of the ragdoll cats are itself fond of water. Still, in the case when your cat is not as fonder of water, you can use the following tricks to make your cat comfortable in the water. Place your cat in a dry sink or bathtub, and first let them comfortable in a dry bathtub or sink. 

Once they feel comfortable, put some water at room temperature in the bathtub or sink. Help your kitty to be comfortable in the water using its favourite toys or other stuff.

Try to make some positive and fun memories of your ragdoll cat with water. This will help your kitty to get over its fear, and they will start loving water. 

Why is drying important after a fun water play session?

It is mandatory to dry your kitty after either playing in the water, a bath, or a swimming session. In the case when you leave your ragdoll kitty a bit damp, it may lead to infection, ear infection, cold, or other skin infections. So it is always advised to dry your kitty properly after a fun water play session!

How to dry a ragdoll cat?

  • First, wrap them in a clean towel. Rub them gently to remove all the excess water. 
  • After this, switch on the dryer to dry your cat completely. 
  • Make sure that the temperature of the dryer is not so high. 
  • Also, never point the dryer on sensitive areas like inside ears, nose, eyes, or genital area. 


Yes, the ragdoll is among rare cats who love being in the water. Let your ragdoll kitty play in the water but always under your supervision. 

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