Do Ragdoll cats like to be held?

Mostly the name of the breed comes from its personality, temperament, or any behaviour. With just the name of that particular breed, we can guess much about them. The same goes for the Ragdoll cat also. With its name, we can say much about this cat breed. 

The breed was named Ragdoll because they tend to become more like a ragdoll when you hold them up. Ragdoll is a unique type of cat breed that likes to be held. This cat breed is known to enjoy being held. The owner of this breed must have noticed this cat seeing them with hope for attention so that they can hold it. 

The main aim of this behaviour of this cat is to get the attention that being hold provides. But holding them in an incorrect manner might get them uncomfortable and stressed. So it requires learning the way to hold this cat. 

When you are planning to adopt a ragdoll cat, then go through this article to the end. Here we will discuss why this cat loves being held, how to hold this cat breed, what cases make this breed not like being picked up, etc.  

Does Ragdoll like to be held?

Ragdoll cat breed is known for its cuddly nature. They are unofficially considered as the cuddliest breed who loves being held. 

Many ragdoll cats want to be in your lap every time. They will just stick to you and love in being a cuddly position with you. They are the perfect choice for those who love to hold and adore their tiny feline friend. 

Many people named this tiny lovable creature as Puppy cat. This is true also, as this cat resembles more like an eager puppy who loves climbing on the top of you and settle down. Many people also train their puppy cat to perch on their shoulder just like a parrot. 

Ragdoll cat is a unique type of breed that was bred for solely companionship purposes. Most other cat breeds have a tendency to hunt, while this breed is different. All they need is your companionship and attention. They were bred solely as an affectionate feline companion. 

However, when you don’t like being clingy with your feline buddy, then count this breed out, as they require much attention and live happily when being held. It can be troublesome for those persons who don’t appreciate cuddly pets, as this breed craves many amounts of affection.

Because of their clingy behaviour, we recommend adopting one more companion pet. Because this breed soon starts to feel lonely and neglected in the case when you can’t provide as much attention as your ragdoll demands.

Why Ragdoll love this much affection?

Ragdolls are a tiny and gentle creature that feels comfortable in the warmth of humans. All they want is the attention that they enjoy in being held position. They will keep seeing you in the hope of attention so that you pick them up. 

Why is Ragdoll named with this name?

They were named as Ragdoll because they often become a ragdoll when holding in your arms. They tend to relinquish you the full control so that you can hold them the way you wish. 

What makes the Ragdoll not like being held?

Some owners reported that their ragdoll cat afraid of being picked up. There may be several reasons that can make your cat afraid of the whole idea of being held. Some of these are:

  • When a cat is not used to being held: This is one of the major reasons that your Ragdoll doesn’t like being picked up. 
  • Prior bad experience with being held: It is another reason that can make your cat doesn’t want being held. Sometimes prior bad behaviour can develop a fear in your cat’s mind, and they will resist being picked up.

In most cases, your Ragdoll cats love being picked up and will trust you that you will take care of them. But they notice when feeling uncomfortable. It’s your responsibility to keep your cat comfortable while holding her. To make your cat comfortable, there is a need to learn how to carry your Ragdoll.   

What to do when your ragdoll cat dislikes being held?

Due to the above reasons, your ragdoll cat might dislike being held. But luckily it is possible to train your cat to learn to enjoy when being picked up.

You can start the training session by inviting your cat up on your lap, pet her with long strokes down her body, and allow her to feel your warmth and cuddle you. Treat your cat nicely, and this way, your ragdoll cat, will start enjoying being in a cuddly position with you.


This cat breed is perfect for those who are looking for a feline friend WHO expresses its love via physical affection.       

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