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Most of the cats hate taking baths, and they will try to fight and flight while baths. But surprisingly this is not the same with Ragdoll cats. They actually like bathing. You might notice your ragdoll cat always in the sink or a water tub playing in the water for several hours. 

Do ragdoll cats need baths?

Ragdolls are more clean type cats who don’t require a bath to remain clean in normal condition. When it comes to the need for a bath, the ragdoll cat is an animal that has physiological behaviour to keep itself clean naturally without the need for a bath. 

Ragdoll cats that are healthy, which are getting a properly balanced diet, and living in the right environment rarely need a bath. You don’t always require to give your ragdoll kitty a bath unless something is stuck in their fur, or they are sick or having diarrhoea.

 How often should you bathe your ragdoll cat?

As mentioned before, ragdoll cats have physiological behaviour to take care of their fur by self-grooming. So they require less grooming or hygiene care than any other cat in the world. 

However, to maintain a healthy bathing routine and to ensure that your kitty does not have any unwanted clots in its fur, you can give a bath once a month. This is sufficient for your ragdoll cat to stay maintained. However, in the case when you let your cat roam outdoors, then there is a need for a more frequent bath for your cat. 

When a ragdoll cat needs more frequent baths?

  • When your ragdoll cat has more exposure to outside, sand, dust, or other debris, there is a requirement for more frequent baths. 
  • The old and ungroomed cat will require more baths. When your ragdoll cat grows older, it is difficult for her to keep herself clean and groomed. In that case, you should provide your kitty with a bath more frequently. 
  • Also, in the case when your kitty is sick and not able to keep herself clean, you should provide a bath and groom her well. Make sure; your ragdoll cat is not having a cold or fever.  
  • A cat with diarrhoea requires more frequent baths. 
  • To keep your ragdoll cat healthy, always provide them with a bath with fresh water after they come in contact with some chemicals like chlorine in the swimming pool.

What makes a rag doll afraid of water?

Most importantly, a prior bad experience in her kittenhood can make your kitty afraid of water. As ragdoll has long fur, getting their fur drenched in water makes this creature feel heavy and difficult to move. This can make your ragdoll cat afraid of water.  

What to do when your ragdoll cat does not like water?

Bathing a ragdoll cat scared of water is sometimes challenging for the owner. But don’t worry, here we bring you some tips to make your kitty comfortable in water:

  • Fill an attractive pet bathtub with a little amount of lukewarm water.
  • Place your kitty in this water tub using a treat and her favourite toys. 
  • Once your cat feels comfortable in the water, gradually increase the amount of the water. 
  • This way you can make your cat feel comfortable in the water. 

How to give bathe to your ragdoll cat?

Giving a bath forcefully to your cat will affect your cat negatively. To make the bathing session fun, follow the tips given below:

  • Fill the pet bathtub with water at room temperature or comfortable temperature. 
  • Now place your kitty in the water tub. Make sure that the face of your ragdoll cat is not inside water. 
  • Now apply some cat-friendly shampoo to the fur. Rub gently and remove all the clots and debris from the fur. 
  • Rinse the shampoo properly. 

How to dry a ragdoll cat?

  • Once done with the bath, wrap your kitty in a clean towel. With gentle rub and tap motion, remove all the excess water. 
  • Now dry your ragdoll cat using a dryer. 
  • Make sure that your dryer is not at a high temperature. Also avoid pointing the dryer on sensitive areas like ears, nose, and eyes. 


Ragdoll will make a great addition to your family. But it also comes with several responsibilities. Grooming, keeping your cat clean is one such responsibility, and it’s response to water is quite normal compared to other cats in the world. So yes it’s a happy and fun session with ragdoll cats on water.

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