Do Pugs Shed and Drool?

Sometimes calm and dignified, while sometimes playful and clownish, the pug breed is always a sturdy, humored, and lovable pet. This dog breed is perfect for those who are looking for a sturdy, blocky, easy to maintain dog. But many owners have a query, “Do pugs shed and drool much?” 

Yes, Pug shed and drools. Despite their short coat, they are heavy shedders who shed throughout the year. Many people think that a pug has a short coat; thus, they might not have any shedding issue. But this fact is not true. It is often shocking for the new pug owner when they come to know that pugs are heavy shedders that shed moderately throughout the year.

Most dog breeds tend to shed more in two seasons, but these canine buddies are constant shedders who tend to shed a constant amount of hair all around the year. 

When talking about drooling, yes, pug drools too. Drooling is absolutely normal in pugs. Because of their compressed jaw, loose and big lips, these furry buddies tend to keep their mouth open. Thus minor drooling all the time, especially when your pug is engaged in some physical activity, is absolutely normal. Nighttime drooling in this breed is also considered normal and often linked to its pinched nostrils or stenotic nares. 

Do pugs shed and drool?

Yes, pugs shed and drool too much. When talking about shedding, every dog sheds. Most of the dogs have two shedding seasons where they shed all their dead hairs.

It is a normal part of the natural cycle of hair growth. But in pugs, this natural cycle of hair growth is quite fast. Thus they shed profusely. Because of the natural hair growth cycle, they tend to shed the entire year moderately. 

Drooling is also considered absolutely normal in pugs. As this dog has big and loose lips and compressed jaws, they tend to keep their jaws open. This makes the drooling process to be normal in pugs. Also, due to their pinched nostrils, they drool at night time also. 

Why do pugs shed a lot?

As we know, they shed a lot, but what is the reason behind this? Below are a few reasons that make pugs shed a lot; let’s explore,

They have a double coat: 

  • Most of the pugs have a double coat; this makes them more prone to shedding. They tend to shed even more profusely when their inner coat blows out. 
  • They are available ina variety of pug, a namely black pug that has a single coat. Still, they shed a lot because of some other reasons. 

Pugs have a dense hair coat: Another reason that makes this furry buddy shed more is their heavy hair density. Roughly this breed has 600 hairs per inch that are almost six times more than other dog breeds. 

Fast hair growth cycle: Pugs have a fast natural cycle for their hair growth compared to other dogs. 

All these factors combined make this canine buddy shed a lot throughout the year.  

What factors have an impact on the shedding of pug hairs?

Several factors have an impact that can either increase or decrease the hair shedding in pugs. Some of these are:

  • Age: As the age increase, the dog will shed more. 
  • Nutrition: Proper nutrition plays an important role in controlling shedding up to some extent. When your dog is not receiving proper nutrition, it will cause stress and thus more shedding of hairs. 
  • Climate: Though pugs tend to shed throughout the year, their shedding increases in autumn and spring. This is the season when their inner coat blows out. 
  • Heating cycle: Female pugs will shed more after entering the heating cycle. 
  • Type of coat: Black pugs with a single coat will shed less than fawn-colored pugs who have a double coat. 

How to control shedding in pugs?

Let discuss some tips you should follow to control shedding in your cute pugs:

Nutritious food: 

  • As mentioned, when a pug doesn’t receive proper nutrition, it will cause stress in them and thus more shedding. So providing your furry friend with a balanced nutritious diet will help them maintain a healthy hair coat.
  • Offer your canine buddy with food items like olive oil, fish, etc., as they are rich in omega 3 fatty acid; this will help your pug improving their hair coat, thus less shedding. 


  • Regular brushing will help keep the hair coat tangle and mat free and help you manage the loose hair spread all over the floor. Regular brushing will remove all the loose hairs and prevent them from shedding everywhere on the floor. 
  • Also, grooming and brushing are proved to improve circulation and make the haircoat healthy. Regular grooming and brushing will help in distributing the body’s natural oil evenly throughout the body. 
  • While brushing your pug, all the rashes and bumps will come to notice and thus let you start the remedy as soon as possible. 
  • Ideally, you should brush your pug once every day. Along with managing the hair coat, it will also help you strengthen your bond with your pug. 

Bathing: Bathing once in every 4 weeks is essential to keep your pug clean and nice smelling. In the case when you bathe your furry friendless, it will make your pug smelly and dirty. Also, when you bathe your pug more often, it will cause the removal of all essential oil. Thus make your pug’s skin dry and lead to skin ailments. 

Keep your furry friend hydrated: In the case of dehydration, every dog or animal will shed more. So always keep your canine friend hydrated by keeping its water bowl filled.          

How much amount of drool is normal in pugs?

As mentioned before, drooling is absolutely normal in pugs. But that question arises, “How much drooling is normal in pugs?

A minor and moderated drooling is normal in pugs. But you can see excessive drooling when the pug is excited or engaged in some physical activity and is also considered quite normal. A little bit of saliva flying out of the pug’s mouth is often seen while he is running or engaging in some other exercise. 

What are the physiological reasons for heavy drooling in pugs?

The excitement in this breed is reported to trigger saliva production in salivary glands. Thus they drool more when excited. 

As a human, food anticipation is also the reason for more saliva production in this furry buddy. They tend to drool more when they either see the food or hear the sound of food preparation. Sometimes only the words dinner time is also reported to make this canine drool a lot. 

When is excessive drooling in pugs considered pathological?

When there is excessive salivation without any excitement or other reason, it is considered as hypersalivation or ptyalism. Signs of hypersalivation include a bubble of saliva formed all around the mouth, the pug’s chin is soaked in saliva, and large streaks of saliva hanging down of the mouth.     

What are pathological reasons for excessive drooling in pugs?

Motion sickness is a very common reason to make this breed drool. When traveling in a car or other transportation, they will drool a lot. This is also considered the first symptom of motion sickness in dogs. 

Some respiratory problems that make this dog breathe heavily will cause more drooling. The deeper they breathe, they will pant more and lead to saliva dropping out of the mouth. Overheating is another reason that makes this dog pant more and thus drool more. 


Yes, pugs shed and drool a lot. This is a complete guide on pug’s shedding and drooling, their reason, and control. I hope this article helps you.  

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