Do Neon tetra lose color at night?

Aquariums are becoming more common nowadays in commercial as well as residential properties. The reason for the popularity of aquarium is the touch of sophistication and color it provides to the indoor spaces without much high price tag as in other decorative options. But the look of the aquarium is only possible with the right choice of fishes. And, neon tetra is going to be the best choice to make your aquarium look awesome and colorful. Neon tetra because of their bright colors and exquisite beauty is considered the crowning glory of the aquarium.  

But many owners reported that their neon tetra is losing its color at night? They also query that it is normal for neon tetra to lose color or if there is no need to stop the fish from fading?

Well, fading color in neon tetra during the night is normal. There is nothing to worry about. They will soon gain back their bright color and will start spreading their illumination in the entire tank. 

But in the case when they are not gaining back their color or are continuously losing their color, it is an alarming situation. Sometimes, stress or many other factors like some diseases can cause your fish to fade. In this case, you will need to take action and try preventing your fish from losing its color.  

Does neon tetra lose color at night?

Yes, neon tetra fish have a tendency to lose their colors at night time. Also, you will notice the fading in their color when they spend much time in darkness. Though the fading of the color in dark or night time is common in neon tetra, but all fishes will not fade or lose their color at night. This is because all fishes don’t sleep together. Different fishes have varying times for sleep and have different levels of rest. 

Is it common in neon tetra to lose color at night?

Yes, it is common in neon tetra to lose their color or fade in the night or in darkness. Several fish lovers reported that their neon tetra uses to fade in the night or in dark hours but soon regain their color and start spreading glory like before. 

But in the case when you notice that your fish is dull even in light of day time, it is an alarming situation. Stress and other factors like diseases can sometimes cause this neon tetra fish to lose their color continuously. Also, some diseases like neon tetra disease can cause your fish to get dull permanently. So prevention and taking action before the condition worsens is the only way to prevent your fish from losing its color completely. 

Do all neon tetra lose their colors at night?

All Neon tetra fishes will not fade simultaneously at the same time. Different fish have varying times for their sleep; thus, they all don’t fade simultaneously. Their variable levels of rest also make them lose color at different times.  

Also, all individual fishes have different intensity levels of color loss. Some fishes will lose their color completely in the night while others may retain some vibrancy in the night. 

What makes the neon tetra lose its color at night?

Losing color and fading down at night is the natural method for defense in neon tetra fishes. They used to fade down while they rest so that predators might not notice them. This way, they protect themselves from becoming their predator’s prey. 


Many people have a concept that neon tetra loses their color when they are on their death beds. This is not true. They tend to fade at night or while they rest. Just target to manage a clear tank with the proper balance of all water parameters and lighting. 

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