Do Irish setter shed? What makes the Irish setter to shed more?

The Irish setter is a highly energetic dog breed that was originally bred to hunt birds. But these days they are more common as lovable, affectionate, and companion family dogs. Many owners who are planning to own an Irish setter have a query that, “Does the Irish setter shed?”

The Irish setter is an average shedder that shed moderately the year around. But they do profuse shedding during the change in season in spring and autumn season. 

The Irish setter is a lovable and great companion dog. But in the case when you are looking for some dog that shed minimally then count this dog out. With an Irish setter, you will get love, affection, along with moderate shedding of hairs. 

Here in this article, we will discuss the amount of shedding, which makes them shed more, and how to control their shedding, etc.

Does the Irish setter shed?

Yes, the Irish setter is an average shedder that shed moderately the throughout the year. You may face the problem of profuse shedding in the spring and autumn season when they lose their old coat. 

Also, because they have a large size and more surface areas, you will see more amounts of fallen hairs on your floor, furniture, clothes, and anywhere around your home. 

So if you are looking for a breed having less shedding and are hypo-allergic, then please avoid this dog to adopt.  

How much does an Irish setter shed?

They shed moderately the year long. But they are reported to shed more profusely twice a year, at the end of the spring and autumn season when they get rid of their winter coat and then grow it back. 

Though they are moderate shedder, but are a large breed and have more surface area having hairs, you will see more hair everywhere around your home.

What makes the Irish setter to shed more?

Shedding from dogs is frustrating for all; it doesn’t matter how much we love our doggy. But what happens when your dog starts shedding more than normal? Knowing the reason that makes the dog shed more than normal might help in fixing this problem. So here we list you some common reason that causes your pup to shed more:

Balanced diet:  In the case when your dog is not getting a properly balanced diet with all nutrients, it will cause them to shed more than normal. In general, an improper diet devoid of important nutrients can make your dog stressed. A stressful condition is enough reason for your dog to shed more. 

Shedding season:

Every dog having fur faces a shedding season twice a year when they shed profusely. The same goes for Irish setter. They shed more at the end of the spring and autumn season. This is the time when they lose their old winter coat. 

Since a highly dense coat insulates the body and hinders the mechanism of heat loss from the body. At the beginning of warm weather or summer, this dog tends to shed more in order to keep themselves cool.    

Any skin infection: Any parasitic infection or other infection might cause your pup to shed more. Dermatitis and any other skin infection cause excessive shedding of hairs. 

Allergy: Allergy and dermatitis condition is one of the major reasons that cause excessive shedding in dogs.  

Other: Other reasons like hormonal fluctuations, vitamin, or other dietary deficiency, or any metabolic disorder results in heavy shedding in Irish setter. 

How to control shedding?

Luckily it is possible to manage to shed up to some extent. Here we list some methods to manage the shedding season of your Irish setter:

Proper nutrition: As mentioned, an improper diet devoid of several essential nutrients can cause your pup to shed more. So providing your Irish setter with a balanced diet will help them gain healthy skin and shiny fur.

Skin treatment: If you notice any skin infection or any parasitic infection, do contact your veterinarian and let them diagnose and treat your canine buddy.  

Regular grooming: It is not possible to control shedding in heavy shedding season. But it is possible to manage them. Regular grooming and brushing your buddy will remove all the loose hairs, and thus you will see fewer hairs spread all-around your house. 


The Irish setter is a loyal and beautiful breed. But with a loyal, affectionate, and adorable dog, you will also get the issue of loose hairs all-around your house. If you don’t have time to groom your doggy daily, then go for another dog. A well managed Irish setter will be the best family dog and shower you with lots of love.  

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