Do Irish setter like to cuddle?

Who doesn’t love snuggling up with our furry buddy on the couch? Snuggling up with our canine friends, and being in a cuddly position with them brings the best feeling. Unfortunately, all dog breeds are not as cuddly and affectionate. If you are planning to own an Irish setter puppy, you must have a query that, “Does an Irish setter like to cuddle?” 

Yes, Irish setters are a highly affectionate and cuddly type breed. Those who own an Irish setter, already know how affectionate and cuddly this breed is. But those who are planning to get an Irish setter puppy, get ready for several cuddly treats from your new canine friend. 

Not all dogs are the same. Some dogs are cuddlier while some are less. But in general, these Irish setter dogs love to curl up next to their human partner for more love and attention.

Does the Irish setter like to cuddle?

Irish setter breed is considered an excellent family dog who is naturally affectionate type. Affection and cuddly behaviour is in their temperament. If you are looking for the fierce type of guard dog, please count this lovely creature out. 

Despite their large size, they will confuse you with their loving and affectionate nature. It is their habit to come and lean on you, cuddle with you, sit on you, and try to be as close with you as possible. Physical contact and cuddling their owner is their way to show love, affection, and loyalty.

This breed is fond of being in rest with you either on the bed or on the couch. But all Irish setter dogs are not the same. Some are high level cuddly while some may not like to cuddle this much. It all depends on the individual dog. 

Why does Irish setter love to cuddle?

They tend to cuddle more for gaining more warmth and comfort from their human partner. Also, it is their way to pour affection and love. This way, they strengthen their bond with their human partner. 

Also, it is proved that cuddling with your pooch results in the release of the Oxytocin hormone. This hormone is known to relieve stress and help you build a stronger bond with your puppy. 

Why does an Irish setter love to cuddle more compared to another dog breed?

  • The first reason for being cuddlier is their gene makeup. This breed was originally bred to gift the human population with an affectionate and cuddly canine friend. 
  • Also, it is their way to show love and affection. They love being in a cuddly position and curl up their human friend. Cuddling is their way to stay comfortable and warm as well. 
  • The Irish setter loves being cozy with their owner. They tend to cuddle more in cold and bad weather conditions for more comfort.

What makes the Irish setter less cuddly?

  • The prior bad memories play a major role in depleting the cuddly behaviour of your Irish setter. A tough past and misbehaviour at an early age might impact negatively on your Irish setter’s emotional behaviour. This can lead to less cuddly behaviour in your pup. 
  • Also, the high temperature outside in summer can decrease the frequency of cuddle from your doggy. However, this breed loves to cuddle but will decrease its frequency in summers due to heat reasons. 
  • Dogs have a comparatively high temperature. Since cuddles result in much heat production, being in a cuddly position makes it difficult for them to keep themselves cool. 

How to make an Irish setter cuddlier?

In the case when you have an Irish setter who tends to cuddle less, then follow the tips given here:

  • Avoid giving cuddles when your dog is not in the mood for that. Cuddling consistently even when your dog is not appreciating or liking it will make your pooch even less affectionate. 
  • It is always a good idea to reinforce your dog positively. It is the most powerful training method that will surely work and will make your pup cuddlier. 
  • You can reward your buddy for showing affectionate behaviour. Please give him a treat when he comes to you for a cuddle. This will help you develop a strong bond. 


So, on the whole, we can say Irish setter is very much fond of cuddling and the best choice as a human companion who is looking for great connect, affection and cuddling.

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