Do Irish setter bark a lot ?

The Irish setter is a lovable, outgoing creature who loves to play and make new friends. They are not such good guard dogs but have reported protecting their human friends and family members as required. Many people who are planning to own an Irish setter have a query that, “Does Irish setter bark a lot?”

Well, no, Irish setter is not among dogs that tend to bark a lot. However, they are excellent watchdogs but will bark only to let you know about the intruder or visitor.

Does the Irish setter bark a lot?

Dealing with a barking dog is quite challenging. While selecting a dog, it needs to be considering the barking tendency of your dog. Canine buddy with less barking habit is more suitable for family living in an apartment. While those who are looking for a dog to guard their home should go for the dog with more barking tendencies. 

While talking about Irish setters, they are not barking dogs. According to the survey, they bark none to minimal. Those who are looking for a quiet dog should go for this beautiful breed.    

The reasons for barking in this dog are for protection, to alarm you, fear, for gaining attention, boredom, while greeting with new friends, separation anxiety, and compulsive barking. 

What can make your Irish setter to bark more?

This great companion dog is a low barker. But there are several reasons that can make this adorable creature to bark more. Some of these reasons are:

  • Alert: The first and most common reason for your Irish setter to bark is to alert you when any intruders or visitors come. However, they are not such a good guard dogs but tend to protect their family members and peoples. So with their barking, they try to alert their owners about the visitor.  
  • Fear: Fear is another common reason that can make your pooch bark.


  • Have you ever noticed your kids? The more bored they get, the louder they are. The same goes with these adorable canine creatures also. When they get bored, they start barking. 
  • When we see that our puppy is barking without any reason, this means that they have nothing to do. When they get bored, they tend to vocalize more. To control their barking, you can provide them some tasks or toys and keep them busy.
  • Attention-seeking: Dogs tend to bark more in the hope of more attention. This cute creature craves more attention and interaction. When they get ignored by their human friend, the poor canine buddy learns to bark in order to get attention. 
  • Separation anxiety: Separation anxiety is a serious issue with a dog that makes them bark when you leave them alone. Many times situations make the owner leave their doggy at home and get out for some work. But this can make your dog get stressed. Out of this stress and anxiety, they start to bark more. 
  • Pain or any other physical discomfort: Physical discomfort like pain can stress your doggy. Thus in stress, they tend to bark more.

What to do when your Irish setter learns to bark excessively?

Sometimes, your Irish setter may learn to bark more. Because of our unintentional motivation and some mistakes, we might encourage our pooch to bark more. But luckily, it can be revert. We can train our dog to bark less.

Here we list you some ways to control the barking of our canine buddy. 

  • The first thing we should do is to provide some tasks or toys to our furry friends and keep them busy. When they are not bored, they will bark less.
  • When our canine friend is in fear, we should comfort them and try to make them comfortable. This way, we can calm them. 
  • Sometimes, our pooch starts barking for attention and interaction. In this case, if you scold them or yell at them to keep quiet, you are actually encouraging them to bark more. Instead, you should simply ignore your doggy. 
  • Also, you can reward them for good behavior and not barking. This way, you can train them to bark less. 
  • Separation anxiety is an issue that needs to be treated as early as possible. This can not only stress your buddy but also make them learn to bark more. You should train them to stay happy even when you are not home. You can keep them alone with toys and some radio or TV with sufficient food and water. Practice them to stay peacefully without you. 


The Irish setter will prove a great choice for those looking for a quiet and calm dog with less barking tendency.

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