Do Golden Retrievers like to swim?

Most of us have this doubt if a golden retriever can swim, and the answer is yes. Golden retriever can swim.

Golden retriever requires, minimum exercise of one hour every day to stay active and healthy, and the activity of swimming can be done because that will be a great way for them to flex their body and be strong.

They do take time to learn like humans but giving them space will teach them everything on their own. 

Do Golden Retrievers like to swim?

Yes, most of the Golden retriever loves to swim. Swimming is also a great exercise for them. Young dogs might be unsure about the water so, you can get in the pool and encourage them to explore in their way. It is never a good idea to toss your golden retriever dog in the water when it doesn’t want to go. 

You can teach them to swim and make them enjoy in the water. You can entice them by throwing their favorite toys in the pool. Also, make sure that your dog knows how to come out of the pool. Otherwise, there is a need for special attention while your dog is swimming. 

When you let your dog inside a swimming pool, remember that it means that hereon your pool would require much more maintenance than usual because of dog hair getting into the pool. 

Why golden retriever like to swim?

These dogs are provided with a water-repellent, dense outer coat with a thick undercoat. These insulate them against the cold. All its physical characteristics help them in swimming and hiking along with their owners. 

How long can a Golden retriever swim?

Golden retriever can swim for a long time. When the dog is in its best shape, they can swim for a very long time. 

Can Golden Retrievers swim in cold water?

Yes, they can swim in cold water. As mentioned above, these dogs are provided with a thick double coat that protects them from cold. But it is not a good idea to keep them in cold water for long as they may develop hypothermia (Body’s lower temperature) and die.  

When can you let your golden retriever start to swim?

Another most asked question is, when can you let your golden retriever start to swim? You can let your puppy inside the water when he or she is eight weeks old. 

How to teach your golden retriever to swim in water? How does the dog training begin? 

The first thing which your dog needs to learn even before swimming is obedience. Yes, your dog should be trained well enough that he listens to you when you ask him or her to do something.

When you take them to a pool, you have no idea how they might react. They can get excited and jump in or scared enough to try something new that is getting into a cool pool of water. So, teach them to obey you. This way, you can slowly teach them and not rush into things.

Your dog should listen to your words like if you ask him to get into the water, he should, and if you ask him to get out of the water, he should. 

At first, they will be scared and afraid but make sure you make them feel comfortable. The best way to get them trained to swim is to take them to beaches, a kid’s pool, or a proper swimming pool. If they are scared, then take baby steps to make sure their fear is fading away with time slowly. 

Some safety steps you should follow are: 

  1. Please do not throw your dogs into the pool. This will increase their fear.
  2. Prefer swimming pools over oceans or beaches as it is safer. 
  3. Always reward your dog if he or she swims well. 
  4. Teach your dog basic water words like getting in or come out.

The Bottom line

Most of the Golden retriever love to explore and play in the pool. They love splashing around in all water bodies, whether it may be a river, lake, beach, or your own swimming pool.

Being in the water is more fun for them when the temperature goes high. Ensure your dog know to come out of the pool. Never leave them unattended while they are in the water.

I hope you understood all about golden retriever swimming and you can train your dog accordingly. 

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