Do french bulldogs bond with one person?

Different dogs have different behavior, and their behavior depends on their temperament, breed, and other particularities. Some dogs tend to love every person that they meet, while some dogs have a tendency to bond with one person. 

The French bulldog is the type of dog that tends to make their favorite person and bond with that particular person. This French bulldog is a one-person dog and is devoted. It gets attached to only one person and tends to create a special bond with their human partner. 

The relationship between the dog and the human partner is fine only up to when it is based on security and confidence. But when their relationship starts going toward dependence, the dog started showing signs of separation anxiety that is an indicator of a toxic relationship. 

When the dog starts depending on their human partner, they show the signs of separation anxiety where they refuse to eat and begin to self-hurting, self-injuring, chewing, and destructing things. 

What is the time period when French bulldogs choose their favorite person?

The critical socialization period is very crucial when the dog is between births to six months of age, and they develop a special bond with their favorite person who looks after them. 

At this age, the minds of the French bulldog’s puppies are incredibly receptive, and they choose their favorite person based on their early social experiences. Their early social experiences influence them to choose their most favorite person for the rest of their life. 

Thus if you want to develop a strong bond with your French bulldog puppy, then ensure a positive interaction with your pup.  

In the case, when you adopt an adult French bulldog, don’t worry, you still can become their favorite person. Though early socialization is essential, even with continuous socialization via experiences like playdates, doggy daycare, daily walks, and so on might help you develop a special bond with your adult pooch.  

How does a French bulldog choose its favorite person?

French bulldog proves to be a good family dog and a wonderful friend. They have a playful nature and have a sweet and funny personality. However, they can get along with all members of the family but have a tendency to form a special bond with just one person. 

If you also want to be the favorite person of your Frenchies, then here we present you the character that your dog notices to choose their favorite person. 

Food and care

Generally, the favorite person of the French bulldog is the primary caregiver person who feeds their dog and takes care of it. When you hand feed your dog, the dog will return the affection. 

This French bulldog has a tendency to bond stronger with its primary caregiver. They develop special relationships with the person who feeds them and takes care of them.

Similar to humans, dogs are also intelligent creature, and they can remember human for a much longer time than a human. So the time, when they are developing their worldview, they start liking the person who is feeding them and taking care of them primarily.  


As mentioned above, the dog prefers to choose the person as their favorite person who takes care of them in their key socialization period. 

Attention and affection

This is another crucial fact that your dog considers while selecting their favorite person. It is not always true that dogs choose their caregiver as their favorite person. Sometimes they bond with those who give them the most attention. 

For example, in a family with two parents and one kid, it is the mother or father who will feed the dog. But the dog will develop the strongest bond with the kid. 

Time and activities

When the dog spends more good time with a person, they start liking that person and choose them as their favorite person. The more you spend time with your dog, the more your dog bond with you.

There is a need for a safe and supportive environment for your dog in order to establish a healthy relationship. When you try establishing a supportive environment, including praise, rewards, physical affection, grooming sessions, treats, and massages, more, your dog will start loving you. 

Since dogs also have the sense to recognize the person who is investing his/ her time for their well-being, so they choose the person who spends more time with them as their favorite person. 

How to become your French bulldog’s favorite?

If you feel that you are not your dog’s favorite person, then don’t desperate. Here we tell you some tricks that will help you develop a special bond with your dog. 

  • Play tug, fetch, and hide & seek with your dog and spend much time with your furry friend. 
  • Go on a training session with your dog and help them develop new skills. 
  • Playing agility sports like flyball with your doggy partner will help you develop a special bond with them. 
  • Feed them and take care of them. 
  • Give your pooch a grooming and massage session. Your dog will love it and simultaneously start loving you!

The bottom line

The French bulldog tends to develop a special bond with the person who takes care of him or spend much good time with him. If you also want to be the favorite person of your Frenchies, then take care of your dog, treat them with dog cookies and their other favorite stuff, play with them, give them a grooming and massage session, and have some good time with them. 

Once you develop a special bond with your puppy, he will reward you with life time love and respect.  

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