Do Brussels Griffons shed?

Dogs are really cute creatures and are human’s best friends. Dog lovers are having another level of charm for the dog. But do you that what annoys the dog lover much? Yes, you are thinking right; it is the shedding part of the dog.  

Furry dogs look adorable, but their shedding often makes people think before adopting these dogs. Though the shedding of hair rarely decreases the craze of adopting a dog, it is still one of the major issues every dog owner faces. 

Brussels Griffons is a toy breed dog with a big personality that can make any human smitten. But the question is, does Brussels Griffons shed? 

In this article, we will learn the shedding or grooming need of this cute dog breed. 

Do Brussels Griffons shed?

The answer to this question depends on the variety of Brussels griffons. The Brussels Griffon’s dog breed with smoother hair tends to shed hair slightly, but this shedding problem is significantly less with a rough-coated variety of Brussels griffons. 

The smooth coat Brussels griffons, like other smooth-coated dogs, tend to shed, and the frequency of shedding increases during the shedding season. This means that the dead hairs fall out of the body during the time of spring. But the tendency of hair shedding is significantly less in rough-coated Brussels griffons. Also, the rough-coated Brussels griffons dog doesn’t have a seasonal shed.  

In a rough-coated dog breed, every hair grows up to 3 to 4 inches and then dies. After this, new hair comes out of the follicle. But this does not mean that the hair will fall down all at one time. You can prevent the dead hair from falling on the furniture or here and there on the floor with regular brushing.  

In smooth-haired Brussels griffon, there is a need to groom once a week in order to remove dirt and loose hair. They do have shedding season twice a year. During the shedding season, daily brushing is required to remove the loose hairs and give your furry baby the best look. 

The rough-coated Brussels griffons shed very little. The only one brushing a week is sufficient to remove the dander and dirt from its coat and give it the best look.      

The bottom line

SO this was a complete guide on the shedding behavior of Brussels Griffons. The smooth-coated variety has a bit of shedding tendency, but the rough-coated breed will never annoy its master with fallen down hairs. 

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