Do Brussels Griffons like to swim?

Most of the dogs are good swimmers. Though some dogs are not natural swimmers, it is possible to teach them swimming. Just using the right approach and gear, it is possible to make every dog learn swimming. 

Some dogs are natural swimmers also. The swimming habit of the dog depends on its breed, body structure, and ancestry. Their body characteristics and breeds’ characteristics help in determining whether the dog breed is a good swimmer or is having a natural inclination towards the water.  

Brussels Griffons is one of the most popular dogs among dog lovers. People have a query that does Brussels Griffons like to swim? Well, the answer is Yes. Brussels griffon is a natural swimmer who enjoys swimming.

Do Brussels Griffons like to swim?

Yes, Brussels griffons are a natural swimmer who loves being and water and swim in the pool. When your Brussels is hesitating to get into the water for the first time, no need to worry, you can teach them to swim. Once they learn swimming, they will enjoy being in the swimming pool. 

What makes the Brussels Griffons the natural swimmer?

The Brussels griffons have got the excellent aquatic tendencies because of their large, webbed feet. With their feet, it becomes easy for them to swim in the pool.   

What can make the Brussels Griffons afraid of water?

In general, the dog is less afraid of water, and they will appreciate your step of taking them in the pool. Once they get comfortable in the water, they will enjoy swimming in the pool. But sometimes, the prior bad experience in puppyhood can make this breed scared of the water or the pool. 

In puppyhood, they might have got drawn in the water, and this bad memory made them afraid of water. 

How to make your Brussels griffons overcome their fear of water, if any?

In general, there is no need to train much to your Brussels griffons to learn swimming. But in the case mentioned above, when your canine buddy is afraid of water, there is a need to take a step with proper planning. 

In the beginning, you should introduce your furry baby in the water with a tight hold to ensure that they are safe in the water with you. Once they get comfortable in the water, now start giving the swimming lesson with care. Be careful, as your one wrong step can worsen the condition and make your four-legged friends never going in the pool. 

The bottom line

The answer for Brussels griffons like swimming is yes unless they don’t have any prior bad experience. But still, you can teach them to swim and make them comfortable in the water.   

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