Do Beagles shed? How to manage Beagle’s shedding?

Are you going to invite a Beagle to your family? Many families consider the Beagle as an ideal family dog due to their sweet nature, and they are actually a great family dog and good with kids and other pets. 

But before bringing this pet, many people have a query about the shedding of the Beagle. They are also worried about the amount of loose fur the dog is going to bring. 

Here in this article, we will answer all the queries related to beagle shedding and also go through the fur management to reduce the shedding.  

Do Beagles shed?

Yes, inviting your new furry friend can also invite the spreading of the fur around your home. Almost all dogs’ breeds shed their fur; it doesn’t matter whether they are unhealthy or having some allergy or malnutrition.

Hair shedding is the major issue that pet owners face, and with their cute fur baby, they have to tackle loads of unwanted hair found on their clothes and around their home. 

Some breeds with thick fur have a tendency to shed more. Though beagle dogs don’t have the fluffiest of coats, they still shed more than people think. 

They have a double coat that is meant for regulating temperature. The amount of hair shedding depends on the pregnancy status and general health of your Beagle as well.  

Some dogs shed the entire year while some shed during a particular season. The Beagle is among those dogs that shed moderately throughout the year but shed heavily during the two shedding seasons. 

Why does Beagle shed?

The fact behind the fur shedding in the Beagle can be understood as to how they go through a shedding cycle that is almost impossible to prevent. 

The regulation of the body temperature in the Beagle is enabled with this fur’s help, and it also helps the dog get their skin protected from the sun, cold, and heat.

Shedding in Beagle cannot be avoided as it is a natural process where the new hairs replace the damaged and old hairs. The shedding often occurs heavily during the change of the season. 

When Beagles shed the most?

Spring and winters are the shedding seasons for Beagles. At the beginning of the winters, they shed their summer coat and create a way for their heavy-duty winter jacket. 

They shed their winter coat during springtime and get ready for the sizzling summer with their light-weighted jacket to keep themselves cool in the warmer months. 

Shedding often occurs the most when the fur coat moves from the growth stage to the falling out stage. The transition of fur’s growth phase to falling out phase is the most frustrating time for the beagle owner. 

The growth stage and the hair loss are an ongoing cycle, and it is almost impossible to avoid. Also, we cannot get to know the time when the shedding slows down and when the process speeds up.

What are the factors affecting shedding?

The two major factors that affect the shedding and the Beagle’s coat’s thicknesses are the temperatures and the number of daylight hours.

The coat grows thicker when the winter begins, and the temperatures start to drop. 

The Beagle’s body starts losing their excess hair as the weather starts to become warmer and the time for the daylight hours are longer.  

But the artificial light and the controlled temperature can help to confuse the coat of your indoor pooch. This will leave your Beagle to shed the entire year moderately. 

How much does Beagle shed?

It is considered that long hair breeds heavy hare shedder. Despite being offered with a short and smooth coat, beagles can be said as moderate shedder.

However, the long hairs are more noticeable, while the shorter ones are less noticeable. 

Beagle breed is shed moderately the whole year but shed at their maximum during the start of the springtime. They generally shed their hair coat in preparation for cold and hot weather. 

Trigger for shedding:

Shedding seasons are the time when the beagle breed sheds at their maximum. But there are also many other causes that trigger the shedding and make the Beagle drop his hair heavier than usual. 

  • Stress is the primary reason that makes the dog abnormal shedding. Stress can also affect our fur baby, just like us, and results in hair loss. 
  • A skin infection can also lead to excess loss of hair. This breed is popular for their sensitive skin, and Beagle has more chances to suffer from various skin conditions.
  • Parasitic infection of fleas, lice, etc. is also among the reasons that cause the Beagle to lose their hairs abnormally.
  • Whenever you notice your Beagle shed excessively without the shedding season and you notice the inflammation in their skin along with itchiness and patchy skin.

Please consult your vet; he might diagnose the underlying cause and give proper treatment to your pup. 

How to manage Beagle’s shedding?

Here we will discuss the way to deal with the Beagle’s shedding. Most of the techniques discussed here are most hopefully help you in managing your Beagle’s shedding.

  • It is the most effective way to deal with the shedding of your Beagle. This will not only stimulate the blood flow but will also help in spreading the natural coat oils all around the body. This method will also pick up loose hair on the brush and prevent it from landing on your floor or sofa. 
  • Though this breed is moderate shedder; still, it requires brushing and grooming several times a week during the non-shedding period. During the shedding period, there is a daily brushing requirement to keep your puppy in the best of its condition. 
  • To give the best brushing to your furry friend, there is a need for the right tool. Not all brushes type is perfect for grooming your Beagle. A pin or a slicker brush is going to best suit your Beagle’s coat. It is a very gentle brush and will keep the hairs of your Beagle to look healthy and shine. 
  • We recommend having a de-shedding tool for the shedding season. This tool will help your Beagle to get rid of last season’s jacket.   
  • Brushing will take hardly 15 minutes a day and, along with keeping your puppy in the best condition, will also help you develop a bond with your pet as the Beagle loves to be pampered. 

Shampoo for your beagle

If at all your Beagle is shedding heavily without the shedding season, try out some anti-shed formulas having medicinal content to prevent hair loss for your Beagle

  • In case of any skin infection, dandruff, or any other skin condition, there are many available varieties of medicine, gentle and natural shampoo for your fur baby. 
  • Choose any natural and mild shampoo for your Beagle and bath him twice a week in summer and once in two weeks in summer. 
  • If at all your Beagle is shedding heavily without the shedding season, try out some anti-shed formulas having medicinal content to prevent hair loss for your Beagle.

Proper intake:

The correct diet is most important to decrease the Beagle’s shedding. You should provide your Beagle with a well-balanced and high-quality diet that will help him stay healthy and stress-free. 

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