Do Alaskan malamutes like to swim?

Are you planning to take your Alaskan malamute dog swimming for the first time?

Then the first question that must come to your mind is,

Do Alaskan malamutes like to swim? 

Many owners come with a query that,

How enjoyable is swimming for the Alaskan malamutes? 

Well, the answer is both yes and no. Some malamutes love to swim, while some only like wading. Some malamutes like to take a pass at plunging into the water.

It is recommended to introduce your puppy to swimming slowly. In the case when your malamutes like swimming, then it is a wonderful way to provide your pup an adequate exercise in hot weather. 

Also, some dogs are by natural birth swimmers while some malamutes need the training to swim. Swimming is water may be enjoyable for your puppy while it can be strenuous for your dog.

Do Alaskan malamutes like to swim? 

Yes, sometimes, swimming in water is enjoyable for Alaskan malamutes. However, due to their heavy coat, they may find swimming rather strenuous. But you can train your dog and make them learn to enjoy the water while swimming. 

It is possible to easily train your pet with gentleness, positivity, and consistency. But it would be best if you never forced your dog to swim in the case when they resist and cannot support, as it can prove dangerous for your pet. 

Some Alaskan malamutes may have a fear of the water, and they do not know swimming naturally. You can train them with regular exposure to water. This way you can make your malamutes enjoy swimming on a hot summer day.

Do Alaskan malamutes love swimming?

Some malamutes naturally love to swim and enjoy playing in the water. At the same time, some don’t prefer to swim in the beginning. As this dog is provided with a heavy coat, they coat after getting wet, may get heavy ad very dense for your pet. However, they are working dogs and will love this strenuous exercise. 

For the first time, the dog may show some fear, but after proper training, they will get well with the swimming activity. 

In the beginning, some dogs may hesitate to enter the water, while others jump directly into the water or nearest pool. Their behavior depends on their temperament and how safe they feel in the swimming pool. 

Ensure that your dog is not frightened and is feeling safe while entering the water because their feel can turn their swimming experience from a disaster to a fun-filled memorable day. 

How to make the Alaskan malamute learn to swim?

There are several methods you can adopt to make your Alaskan malamute learn swimming. Before starting the swim teaching session, ensure that your pet is thoroughly trained, and obey your command. In case when the dog is not obedient, it will be challenging for you to control your pet while swimming.  

Here we share some tips you should follow while teaching your Alaskan malamutes swimming:

Try to make your dog comfortable in the water: 

The first and most important thing while teaching your dog swimming is that it must feel safe in the water. As some malamutes are not natural-born swimmers, so it is essential to support your pet as they learn swimming. 

Making your dog feel safe will enhance safety and help them raise their psychological and emotional well-being. Once your dog feels safe in the water, they will start to participate in this task willingly. 

Select an appropriate location:

This is another essential fact that must be considered while teaching your pet to learn swimming. You should choose the location with minimum distraction. Since this breed has a high prey drive, so the location should be free from small pets, birds, cats, etc. 

You can select your backyard swimming pool as a better option than the public swimming pool with many distractions. Also, choose the pool with a shallow bottom, as your dog may hesitate to enter the pool when they cannot see the bottom. 

Use positive reinforcement:

It is an essential tool; it doesn’t matter what skills you are teaching. You should encourage your pet after each step he proceeds toward the achievement. 

Offer extra attention and positive appraisals and treats after your dog learn any skill. Make your dog see swimming as a positive activity. Regular rewards and treats will help your pet learn swimming quickly.

Be patient: 

This is also necessary while teaching your pet to swim. This will help your dog learn swimming in a comfortable and safe environment.

Fun water activity is another idea to make swimming enjoyable:

Since Alaskan malamutes are not much fond of swimming, fun water activity will help your pet enjoy swimming. You can keep your dog engaged in games like swimming competitions, water fetch, etc. 

Always use floatation devices: 

Since swimming is new for your dog, it is advised to use floatation devices for safety kits, and also makes the process of teaching swimming to your pet easy. 

What to do after completion of the swimming session?

After completing one swimming session, make sure to bathe your pet with clean water and dry them. And groom them well to ensure proper health. Along with teaching swimming, ensure to maintain their healthy and sleek coat. 

Precautions recommended:-

  • Keep the safety the top priority. 
  • Make sure that your dog is not frightened. 
  • Adopt all safety measures like floatation devices to avoid accidents. 
  • Beware of the outside weather. 
  • Avoid swimming in the cold or rainy season. 
  • Ensure that your dog is confident before entering the pool. 
  • Make sure that the pool you have selected is safe and not so deep. 


Alaskan malamutes are highly energetic sled dogs that serve as great home pets. If you are having an Alaskan malamute, then teaching them swimming is going to be fun for you and your pet as well. Invest some time to take your malamutes out and make them learn swimming.

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