Can i use human shampoo on my dog?

Human shampoos have more power and fragrance when compared to the dog shampoos. While bathing your canine, using dog soaps and dog shampoos are more preferable than the others.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of using a human shampoo and its benefits and risks of using it for your pet, including finding the best alternatives of dog shampoos for your canine friend.

While coming to our question, “can you use human shampoo on dogs?” the straight answer will be NO, you cannot use human shampoos on your pet dogs. But if bathing your pup is necessary and if you do not have any dog shampoo alternatives, then you can use your human shampoo limitedly that too once or twice.

Using a human shampoo once in a while is not too dangerous for your dog. Do remember that using human shampoo on your dog should not be repeated; it can cause damage to your canine’s hair and skin.

Dogs have a very delicate pH level when compared to humans; that’s the reason why we should not use human shampoos on dogs. The shampoos that we use may over-dry the dog’s skin and can also cause itching. So human shampoo should be given the least priority.

Referring to pH balance or pH level, humans and dogs have their own pH level; the skin consists of a thin layer which is named as the acid mantle.

It protects the skin from the virus and bacteria and also keeps hydrated by absorbing the water while reducing evaporation.

While bathing, this acid mantle may get washed out so, soaps and shampoos come up with some additive ingredients to protect the skin until the acid mantle is completely formed again.

So humans and dogs have these pH levels in different numbers, and it is the reason that human products should not be used on the dogs.

Dogs’ skin consists of a pH balance ranges between 5.5 to 7.2, while coming to humans, we have a pH balance of 4.7 to 5.75.

Using human products on your canines makes your dog’s skin more vulnerable to bacteria and parasites. Your pup’s skin may get dry, flaky, and it can be easy to invade bacteria, causing itching and abrasions.

Sometimes using human shampoos on dogs may cause infections to the puppy. As to balance all these things, separate products are made especially for the pets.

Usage of such cosmetics not only balance skin conditions but also more useful for your pup and its health. The next reason is that human shampoos consist of more chemical perfumes and artificial elements that are not good for your Canines body.

Shampoos are introduced for cleaning the hair and are made for specific types of hair, so humans cannot use dog shampoos same alike; dogs cannot use human shampoos as it can be too hard for the skin and can also cause skin issues.

Using human products on dogs may cause a burning sensation on the dog’s skin. There are many fantasies around us; using the regular shampoos on dogs should not be endorsed as they have higher acidic levels in them, which can damage the dog’s skin. Dogs may not like the fragrances which are present in the human shampoos.

We recommend that avoiding human shampoos on dogs is a good option. It may lead to skin problems for your canine, and the pup can suffer it for the long term.

I have no dog shampoo, so what can I use?

You can use regular shampoos on your canine friend in such cases, but it should not become a habit of using it regularly. As mentioned above, the pH levels of humans and dogs are different and will be changed in acid and neutral levels. This makes the human shampoo acidic for the dogs, so it should be used in very minimal quantity.

If needed, shampoos which do not have any added fragrances should be used for your dogs. Homemade shampoos are also beneficial for your dog when there is no dog shampoo.

If you do not have any dog shampoo and looking for an alternative to bathe your canine friend, then you can make an oatmeal bath for your pup.

Can I use Baby shampoo on dogs?

When there is no dog shampoo, and if you are going with a human shampoo for bathing your canine friend, then it is safer and the best option to choose a baby shampoo.

Baby shampoos are the best alternatives when you do not have a specific dog shampoo. Johnson’s baby shampoo is good for your canine friend when you are going with human shampoo because baby shampoos are different from all human shampoos; they are developed for the baby’s sensitive skin. Similar to the baby’s skin, a dog’s coat is also very sensitive. 

So, you can bathe your dog with baby shampoo, but you should not do that regularly. Once or twice is acceptable but for regular bathing, please get a perfect dog shampoo. 

Can I use Dove shampoo on dogs?

If you do not have any dog shampoo present and you want to bathe your canine by using human shampoo, then choosing the Dove shampoo is safer.

Using dove products are safer than the most when compared to others. They use mostly natural ingredients so that it can be used on dogs. Though it is made with natural ingredients, they are specially made for the human Ph levels.

Can I use Head and Shoulders shampoo on dogs?

Similar to humans, dogs can also get dandruff on their fur, which is known as Seborrhoea. So the head and shoulders which are specially made for the problem of dandruff. To solve the issue of dandruff in dogs, head and shoulders shampoo can be used on your canine friend.

As said earlier, human shampoos should not be used regularly. Head and shoulders should not be used regularly; it should be used only when there is no other option to bathe your canine friend.

Can I use Palmolive shampoo on dogs?

Using Palmolive shampoo won’t make any difference on your canine friend. It is the best human shampoo for your pet dog.

It mostly consists of natural ingredients, so it is a little bit safer for dogs. Palmolive shampoo is mostly helpful for removing the soil present in the dog’s coat or fur, and it can also clean the oil.

By using Palmolive shampoo on dogs, it can control the flea infestation.

The Bottom line:

Human shampoos are not safer for dogs. They are too hard for your Canines skin and coat. The chemical used in the human shampoos can cause high damage to the dog’s life as they may suffer skin issues for years. 

Human shampoos should be used only when it is an emergency, and when there is no other option. If you are choosing a human shampoo as an alternative, then baby shampoo is the best recommended.

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