Can french bulldog breed naturally? How to breed French Bulldogs?

French bulldogs come with adorable size and unique look that makes this breed a more popular pet breed. These dogs always remain in high demand for their big personality, fun-loving, and affectionate nature. With their look and characteristics, you would think that this French Bulldog has countless breeders. But this is not true as this breed faces difficulty during mating and breeding. 

Many people also claim that the French Bulldog cannot breed on their own. Though this fact discourages many breeders from breeding this dog, but it is not entirely true. 

The answer for the query, can French bulldog breed naturally is between Yes and No. In this article, we will explain to you the reason for this confusing answer. 

As mentioned above, the answer to the question, can the French bulldog breed naturally, is difficult to answer in a simple yes or no. So yes, sometimes they can breed naturally and sometimes may not.

Though in most cases, there is a requirement for human assistance in the breeding, mating, and delivery process of a French bulldog. However, it is not essential for all the cases. 

The reason for the difficulty in the reproduction process of the French Bulldog is large heads and narrow hips in females, but all French bulldogs are not born with these exact features. Some French bulldogs have moderate heads and wide hips. These dogs can mate easily and have the ability to deliver the pups naturally without human assistance. 

There are methods like selective breeding that helps in the production of French bulldogs with wider and more natural hips. This makes the breed to mate naturally and reproduce easily without any additional efforts by humans. 

Why it is difficult for the French Bulldog to breed naturally?

The breeding and mating of the French Bulldog hardly take place without any human assistance. It is because most of the female French bulldogs have narrow hips, which makes it difficult for the male to mount the female and reproduce. As the hips of a female French bulldog are extremely narrow, it becomes difficult for the male to achieve this simply. 

This results in the requirement of artificial insemination to make the French Bulldog reproduce. If you plan to breed a French bulldog, don’t forget to add the additional cost of specialists required for insemination purposes. 

Also, the French Bulldog’s broader and large head makes the reproduction and mating process even more difficult. Because of the fetus’s large head, it is very rare for a Female French bulldog to go through the natural labor and delivery process.   

Most pups are stuck in between the birth canal while delivery and require manual delivery through the cesarean section because of their physical characteristics. 

How to breed French Bulldogs?

Here we present the steps to breed the French Bulldog:

  • The first step in this process is to select the male French Bulldog with a good health history and have the desired characteristic that you want in the pups.
  • Now select the female and track its ovulation cycle. You can track her ovulation cycles with the help of a veterinarian or specialist. 
  • Now put the male and female French bulldogs together and let them mate naturally. But in French bulldogs, there is a need for human assistance for successful mating most of the time. You can also visit a veterinarian for artificial insemination and avoid the mating procedure. 
  • After successful mating and conception, visit your vet for prenatal care before birth. 
  • Watch the labor signs in your dog. The Bulldog will start showing symptoms like shivering, restlessness, panting, and loss of appetite, vomiting, and whining. When you see these labor signs in your dog, consult your vet for the birthing process. 

Since the French bulldogs mostly require a cesarean section for pups delivery, be ready for the C-Section after seeing the Bulldog’s signs of labor.

The Bottom line

It is difficult for the French Bulldog to breed naturally but not impossible. Human assistance is very important while breeding and should consult a vet in every stage after mating.

If you are planning to be a French bulldog breeder, be aware of the above circumstances and difficulties.      

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