Can dogs sense the pregnancy in humans ?

You must have heard the dog lover saying that their dogs can sense every one of their ailments. And, the pregnant dog lovers use to say that their dogs become even more protective and affectionate with the increase in their pregnancy stages. You must have heard the story of pregnancy from the dog lover stating that their dog showed more love, affection, and protection when they were pregnant. Does this mean that the dogs can sense the pregnancy in Humans? It is a very common query among dog lovers that can they make their dog sense the pregnancy in humans?

Well, seeing the dog’s behavior when their owner is pregnant shows that yes, they can sense pregnancy in humans. But what do the research and scientifically proven data says? Here in this guide, we will discuss on the question that can dog sense pregnancy in humans? How does the dog act when its owner is pregnant? How do they know that their owner is pregnant?

Can dogs sense the pregnancy in humans?

Every dog owner potentially trusts the fact that their dog can sense their pregnancy. And, this is a true fact as well. Yes, even the researchers and several scientists proved that the dog has the ability to smell the hormonal changes in the human when they are pregnant and thus can sense the pregnancy in them as well. 

How does the dog behave when their owner is pregnant?

As mentioned, that the dog has the ability to sense pregnancy in humans. Their diagnosis also affects their behavior and, depending on their breed, and their personality will show some changes in their behavior as well. 

Most of the dogs, when their owner is pregnant, will show more affection and protection. They will show love and will become even more protective of their pregnant owner. 

While, there are chances that some dogs may show uncooperative behavior and will start barking more, agitating more, and growling more. But they will soon become accustomed to their owner’s pregnancy and will get back to their normal behavior. 

But sometimes, the dog might take more time to get back to its normal behavior. In this case, a little bit more attention and affection to your dog will help them accustom to the owner’s pregnancy. In extreme cases, the owner can take help from professional trainers as well. 

How does the dog know that their owner is pregnant?

Your dog is very amazing, and they can even sense better than humans that their owner is pregnant. The fact that a dog is super observant can not be doubted. They can accurately diagnose several other ailments in humans, like prostate cancer, high or low blood sugar, and other diseases. 

They are highly observant and can diagnose pregnancy in humans in very early stages. The reason is the hormonal changes during pregnancy time. There is a surge in several hormones in normal pregnancy, which will change the human’s odor. The change of odor is not detectable by humans, but since the dog has 220 million times more olfactory glands than humans, they can smell even the minor change in the odor and thus can sense pregnancy. 

During the pregnancy time, there is an increase in human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, human placenta lactogen, progesterone, estrogen, prolactin, relaxin, oxytocin, and other hormones, which leads to a change in odor. This change in odor gets sensed by the highly sensitive dog, and they diagnose the pregnancy in humans. 

Along with detecting the odor in pregnant humans, they also sense the change in body shape and body language and can also sense their fluctuation in mood and behavior. Thus they can easily sense the pregnancy in their human companion.

Is it safe for me that the dog to lay on the pregnant belly?

You must have heard from the dog lovers that their canine buddies used to love snuggling up on their baby bump when they were pregnant. The reason can be that your dog is more protective and want to protect your baby from all vulnerabilities. As per research, it is revealed that the pregnancy leads to the change in human odor, and your canine buddy might be responding to this change in the body scent. But the question is if it is safe for the pregnant lady that the dog laid on their pregnant belly?

In general, the pregnant womb is very strong and not fragile. A woman can even work in the industry during their pregnancy time without impacting their infant. And, the pet, which is about 40 pounds, is very unlike to cause any damage to the kid with their pawing and bouncing. But a dog with more than 40 pounds weight can hurt the baby and can cause significant harm. Also, when the pregnancy stage increases and the woman start feeling the baby kick, they should not allow the dog to ay on their pregnant belly.

The bottom line

Yes, the dogs are amazing and super sensitive. They can sense the pregnancy in their human companion at a very early stage, even when the owner is not aware of their pregnancy.

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