Can dogs eat the rose apple?

When it comes to feeding our dogs, most dog owners love to feed their furry babies with the kinds of stuff they love to eat. But sometimes, the kinds of stuff safe for humans are not always good for your dog’s health as well. For example, fruits are good for humans, but they digest in different ways in dogs and may cause health issues in them. Many dog owners who are fond of rose apple have a query: Can a dog eat a rose apple?

Rose apple is a fruit species neither related to apples nor rose. They are actually closer to Guava, which is considered safe for dogs. Unless you are offering the seeds of these fruits, the pulp of the rose apple is absolutely safe for the dogs. 

Yes, you can offer this fruit to your canine buddy but in the limit. In fact, we recommend using this fruit as occasional treats for your fur baby. The rose apple fruit is packed with an abundance of nutrients that is highly beneficial for humans but is it good for dogs as well? Can dogs eat a rose apple? Here in this guide, we will answer this question. So let’s get started.

Is rose apple safe for canine buddies?

Here we will present you the nutrient level in rose apple and their benefits or harms for dogs. 

Calcium level: Rose apple is rich in calcium which is good for the bones and teeth of your dog. Dogs require a good amount of calcium for their strong bones and teeth. The rose apple contains 29mg of calcium in every 100 gm of the pulp, which makes it a good source of calcium for your canine buddy. 

Potassium level: Dogs require an appropriate amount of potassium for normal body functioning. Rose apple contains 123 mg of potassium in every 100 gms of pulp which is very beneficial for the dog. 

But these fruits lack sodium which is required to balance the amount of potassium—so feeding an excess of this fruit can cause potassium toxicity in dogs. 

Vitamin C and antioxidants: Vitamin C and other antioxidants are known to play several beneficial roles in the proper functioning of a dog’s body. They help boost immunity and thus make the dog fight against several diseases. 

Also, they are known to have a beneficial effect on the skin and fur of your dog. Rose apple has a really good amount of Vitamin c and other antioxidants, making it a good supplement for your dog. 

Dietary fibers: Dietary fibers are essential for gut health. Rose apples are a good source of dietary fibers, making them beneficial for your fur baby tummy. 

Seeds, pits, and plant portion: The pits, seeds, and the plant’s portion of rose apple are known to contain hydrocyanic acid, which is toxic for dogs. They can cause respiratory failure and other respiratory issues in dogs. Along with the risk of choke, the seeds on ingestion can cause bowel and intestinal obstruction. 


The pulp portion is beneficial for the dog, but we recommend offering your dog with rose apple should be in a regulated amount. Dogs actually don’t need fruits as humans do. So offer the pulp of this fruit as an occasional treat. Avoid giving the seeds, pits, and plant portion of this fruit as it is toxic for your furry friend.

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