Can dogs eat pears? Are pears good or bad for dogs?

Pears indeed is safer to feed your dog. Pears are from the apple family and can be treated in a similar manner. It actually tastes sweet and a good healthy snack for your pup.


Ripped pear fruit has many advantages in coping with your dog’s health. It contains several minerals in it such as vitamin c, vitamin a, fiber, potassium, calcium, copper, and even has antioxidant agents.


Pears have solvent fibre content called pectin that sustains bacteria and improves the balance of microorganisms in digestive tract. The fiber in fact promotes healthy bowel functions and controls the problem of constipation to your pet.

Normally, for your dog’s adequate movements of the bowel are pivotal for the everyday discharge of toxins. As pears have a water content in it helps keep stools soft and delicate which is essential daily activity of a dog by which it behaves active throughout.

Cancer prevention agents present in pears counter the impacts of free radicals. Pears also contain flavonoids, carotenoids and anthocyanins which aids several benefits for your dog’s health.

Vitamin-A present in pears aids to improve dog’s vision and functioning of immune system appropriately. Potassium content in pears helps your dog in maintaining fluid balance and nerves functioningvery effective.

Coming to the calcium content that supports bone strength and makes teeth strong for your dog. Copper present in pears promotes bone development in your dogs.

Risks associated with pears for dogs:

Restrict your dogs by eating parts of pears with seeds and core of the fruit because that would cost your dog with severe difficulty to breath or obstructed throat and sometimes leads to indigestion as well.

Pears have approximately 10 grams of sugar content in it which is not so good for dog’s teeth and may even lead to overweight.

Pears actually contain toxic cyanide that is harmful for dogs and brings out difficulties in breathing.

You have to be cautious while serving pear fruit as fermented fruit turns into alcohol that might be bad for dogs. Ripped fruit is preferable than unripe as it may upset your pup’s stomach.

Serve your canine pears in very small pieces to prevent choking for your dog and too much of pears are also too bad for your dog’s health as it causes loose stools and puking.

Mostly avoid feeding canned pears and prefer fresh ripe pears as canned contains sugar syrup in it which is not good for dogs.

In case your fury friend is diabetic then it better to avoid cause of its sweetness and humble suggestion is to include pears only 10% in your pup’s meal.


            So in nutshell, it’s yes! Dogs can eat pears and safe too. The only restriction is to feed in minimal quantity and serve them in pieces so that obstruction in the throat does not happen and better to take advice from your vet to avoid complications if any.

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