Can dogs eat Santol Fruit?

Instead of going directly into the answer initially, let’s know a few things about this fruit. Santol fruit is one of the edible fruit, mostly found in the regions of Southeast Asia and some parts of northern Australia. They are seasonal fruits that grow tentatively between June and October. It has wide spread markets domestically and internationally as well because of the health benefits it possesses.

So coming to the query, 

Can dogs eat Santol Fruit?

Our research found that “Yes” dogs can eat Santol fruits and get numerous benefits out of it. The only constraint is with the seeds in it; otherwise, the iron, fiber, and vitamin C content in santol boosts the health of your pup. Unless you are cautious enough to remove seeds from santol and serve it to your pet, you don’t find any risks associated with dogs eat santol fruit. 

Come lets deep dive on benefits related to eating santol fruit for dogs,

What are the benefits of dogs eating santol fruits?

           Researchers have proven there are multiple benefits for humans on eating santol fruits, but some imply for dogs.

Let’s discuss them in brief,


Fiber is one of the rich content in santol fruit. Dogs are meat eating animals, but that does not provide the complete essential health needs, mainly fiber. Fiber is available and present in the cell wall that is only found in fruits, vegetables, and grains but never from meat. As we know, the fiber in dogs ferments into fatty acids that convert bad bacteria into beneficial by which colon cancer can be prevented and reduces the problems of constipation and diarrhea.


Regular eating and chewing of santol fruit can strengthen your doggie’s gum health and increases the amount of saliva produced by which mouth bacteria is carried away. This santol even contains phosphorous and calcium in them, which enhances bone strength. Some dogs at younger ages may suffer from some abnormal bone disorders, and santol fruit is one of the recommended fruit for them to boost bone growth.


CCDS mean Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, which in humans can be said as Alzheimer’s. Similar to that, human’s dogs suffer from CCDS; this consumption of santol fruit, either eating or drinking the juice, can reduce this CCDS effect. In technical, the antioxidants in fruit reduce the risk of aging stages of the brain.


Dogs have the ability to synthesize vitamin C on their own. But the canines with some skin diseases develop less amount of vitamin C that is when fruits like santol can help them balanced nutritionally. Also, stressed dogs could benefit from Vitamin C, which is adequate in santol. It also helps in collagen production in dogs that promotes joint and bone health, and enhances the fight against spinal issues in them.


Iron is one of the essential minerals for dogs. Providing santol fruit in your dog’s diet can serve this purpose. Iron mainly helps in the formation of red blood cells, hemoglobin, and also in carrying oxygen. This iron content from santol fruit helps prevent anemia, which is the condition of having less red blood cells. Vitamin C present in santol gives an added advantage of absorbing iron more efficiently.


Santol fruit has plenty of antioxidants in it, which helps dogs by cutting down the damage caused by free radicals in them. Also, these antioxidants cure allergies and cancer. Antioxidants in santol also show improved results on dogs affected by chronic inflammatory conditions. Below are two major antioxidants produced by santol that benefit the dog’s health.


Santol fruit is a good source of pectin; they are known for controlling non-infectious diarrhea in pets. Especially in dogs and cats, pectin proved to smoothen the intestinal problems by absorbing and removing the bacterial toxins. Pectin even erases the bad cholesterol levels, if any, in dogs. So, adding santol fruit to their meal would help dogs who are suffering from such problems.


Quercetin is the most precious antioxidant present in santol fruit. Quercetin gave to improve their immune system and when dogs are suffering from tumors. Eating santol every day in a limited quantity has shown the best output by reducing tumor size. Thus there is a chance of even eradicating cancer cells as well.


So covering the benefits of eating santol fruit by your dog’s we can say it is extremely safe and healthier for your pet but when fed after removing the seeds inside them.

Never ever give the fruit directly because once dogs swallow the seed, the situation gets worse as it blocks the intestine and stops the flow. And even remember, too much is too bad, always to feed in necessary quantities and never cut down other food with nutrients and proteins.

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