Can dogs eat Physalis?

Physalis, alternatively known as Goldenberries, is a kind of berry that is one of the most common ingredients in human food. The berry, which is commonly used to decorate the top of the dessert, is widely consumed by humans. But the stuff that we enjoy in our daily meal is not so good for our fido. People used to ask that can dogs eat Physalis? 

The answer is no. You should not feed Physalis to your dog. As a dog owner, you need to understand that the kitchen stuff good for you will not act the same way in dogs. They have different metabolism and might face problems after consuming the fruit or food meant for you. 

It is quite irresistible to avoid that cute brown eyes with a loyal grin. Because of this emotional attachment, dog owners often offer stuff from their dining to their four-legged best friends. But sometimes, feeding the stuff from your dining can prove very dangerous in dogs. 

The same goes with Physalis also. When you offer this berry to your fury baby, he or she will appreciate it and will love its sweet taste. But when consumed in excess, the physalis fruit can cause indigestion and other stomach upset issues in dogs.  

In this guide, we will discuss, can dogs eat Physalis?. If not, then why? If yes, then how much quantity of this fruit can be an offer to your canine buddy?

Can dogs eat Physalis?

Physalis belongs to the potato family. It should not be an offer to the dogs. This physalis fruit is known to cause blurred vision and decreased heart rate in dogs. 

Why should Physalis not be offered to dogs?

Physalis is a member of the Nightshade family, and it contains a steroid alkaloid, namely Solanine. The solanine glycoalkaloid is known to have toxic effects on dog’s health. Their consumption in high amounts can cause decreased heart rate and blurred vision in dogs. 

Also, the high sugar content in this berry makes it indigestible for dogs. The higher sugar content in this fruit, on consumption by a dog, can cause stomach upset and other digestive issues. 

The bottom line

Though the physalis fruit is rich in Vitamin C and many other beneficial health factors, the presence of high sugar content and the steroid alkaloid Solanine make this fruit not digestible in dogs. The solanine alkaloid causes severe health issues in dogs, so you should never allow your dog to feed on this fruit.  

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