Can dogs eat Nance fruits?

Nance fruit is a tropical fruit that originated in the Caribbean, Central, and Latin America. They look more like cherries and have distinctive flavors ranging from sweet to acidic. Several dog owners loving the taste of this fruit want to offer it to their furry babies as well. But the question is can dogs eat Nance fruits?

Well, the answer to this question is between Yes and no. You can offer the pulp of the fruit to your dog but avoid your dog ingest its seeds. The pulp of these fruits is rich in Vitamin C, which is somewhat beneficial for your dog, but the seeds in this fruit can have a deleterious effect on your four-legged friend. 

 Can we offer the Nance fruit to our dog?

As mentioned, you can offer the pulp of the fruit to your dog but avoid giving the seeds. The pulp in this fruit is rich in Vitamin C, an important antioxidant that will have several health benefits for your canine buddy. 

But the seeds in this fruit can prove lethal for your fur baby. They can cause a deleterious effect on the health of your dog. Thus the answer to the question that, can dogs eat Nance fruits is between yes and No. You can offer them with the pulp of the fruit but not the seeds. 

How is the pulp of Nance fruit beneficial for the dog?

Nance fruits are rich in gut-friendly dietary fibers that help in boosting the gut health of your dog. The higher content of Vitamin C in these fruits has long been advertised for its ability to help your dog’s immune system function optimally. Also, the richness of Vitamin C in this fruit makes it beneficial for their skin and fur. 

The fresh pulp of this Nance fruit is also known to reduce the chances of a stroke several times down in dogs. The pulp of the Nance fruit helps your dog in the context of gut, skin, and heart health. 

Why should we not offer the seeds of this fruit to the dog?

Along with the risk of choking hazards, the seeds can lead to intestinal and bowel obstruction when ingested. Also, they have some amount of cyanide which can lead to respiratory issues and sometimes respiratory failure, and eventually death. 

Do dogs have a dietary requirement for the Nance fruits?

No, dogs don’t need Nance fruit or any other fruits good for humans. As the pulp is completely safe for your dog, you can use the pulp of this fruit as an occasional treat for your dog. 

We recommend avoiding giving this fruit as the accidental ingestion of seeds of Nance fruits is harmful to your dog.  

The bottom line

We recommend you avoid giving Nance fruit to your dog. Though the pulp has a beneficial impact on your furry friend, the seeds, pits, and plant portion is way more harmful. 

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