Can dogs eat Mangosteen?

Mangosteen is one of the under-popularized tropical fruit having a distinct flavor that is often described as “hard to describe.” Only those who have tasted this fruit can understand its delicious juice flavor. In order to give you an idea, this mangosteen fruit tastes something around sweet and pleasantly floral along with a mild citrus tang. The dog lovers who are fond of this fruit have a query that can dog eat MangosteenMangosteen? Is MangosteenMangosteen safe for dogs?

Well, the answer is Yes. The fruit is absolutely safe for dogs. In fact, this fruit is rich in several nutrients that might prove beneficial for your cuddle. But like other fruits, make sure you are not feeding and pits and seed portion of this fruit. 

Mangosteen fruit comprises six to seven individual sections that are arranged in a pillowy of the soft circle of juices, white flesh. Every section of this fruit comprises one inedible and bitter seed. Sometimes, seeds may be absent. 

Can dogs eat Mangosteen? 

Yes, as mentioned before, the mangosteen fruit is completely safe for dogs. Dogs can easily consume this fruit in the form of a low-fat treat. You should first remove the fruit from the outer shell before serving it to your four-legged friends. 

Like other fruits, the seeds in this fruit should be avoided. The seeds can choke your canine buddy or can cause an intestinal obstruction as well. Another reason to avoid the seeds and pits portion to your pet is that the seeds in this fruit are known to cause digestive upset in dogs. 

The flesh portion of this fruit is high in sugar content, so it should be given in moderation. Too much feeding of the pulp of this fruit to your dog will lead to more sugar consumption.

What are the health benefits of this mangosteen fruit in dogs?

The mangosteen fruit is a compact packet of nutrition having several health benefits for your dog. These are:

Vitamins: The MangosteenMangosteen is known to be rich in vitamin content that is important to maintain several body functions, including muscle contraction, DNA production, wound healing, immunity, and nerve signaling. 

Antioxidants: Another significant attribute of the mangosteen fruit is its high antioxidant content. They play a role in detoxifying the dog’s body and are responsible for healthy skin and fur, high immunity, and many more beneficial health roles. 

Dietary fiber: The rich amount of dietary fiber in this fruit is known to play a gut-friendly role in your fur baby. The fruit will help your puppy in easy digestion and will prove gut-friendly for your dog because of its high dietary content.

Why should the dogs not consume seeds and pits?

The mangosteen fruits contain 6 to 7 large bitter seeds. The seeds on consumption by the dog may get choked in its throat or may lead to intestinal obstruction. Also, the seed of this fruit is known to cause digestive upset in dogs. 

Final words

So this was a complete guide on can dogs eat MangosteenMangosteen. The answer is yes. You can feed your doggo with the flesh portion of this fruit without posing any health-related risk. Avoid feeding the seed and pit portion of this fruit to your dog.

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