Can dogs eat Acai berries? Are Acai berries Safe or Poisonous for dogs?

I have seen a lot of confusions and statements on 

“Can dogs eat Acai berries?”

“Are Acai berries safe to feed dogs?”

 “Are Acai berries poisonous for dogs?” 

A few examinations show that acai berries are safe for dogs, but the only constraint is Acai berries have to be fed very low in quantity.

Fortunately, these Acai berries have many benefits, but even have theobromine in it, which is also informally called chocolate poisoning. Practically if you look at acai berry’s facts, it contains many antioxidants, anti-cancer agents, and anthocyanin in it.

         Also, these organic product mashes are significantly more extravagant in cell reinforcements than cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries.

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Look at the benefits your dog can have by consuming Acai berries:

  • In particular, the cancer prevention agent anthocyanin, which is bountiful in acai berries, may bring down oxidative pressure and irritation, advancing cerebrum functioning.
  • Antioxidants in Acai berries help your pet to neutralize free radicals throughout the body. Actually, the Acai pulp is much richer in antioxidants than acai juice.
  • These antioxidants counteract the damaging inflammation and oxidation in the brain.
  • Anthocyanin, which is ample in acai berries, may lower oxidative stress and inflammation, nurture brain health.
  • Anti-cancer agents present in it prevents the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body.
  • A few longitudinal investigations have provedalower cardiovascular risk, and the drop-in mortality rate is high with the utilization of fiber present in it. Fiber admission additionally diminishes LDL cholesterol. 
  • It even increases Good cholesterol levels and decreases harmful cholesterol levels in your pup.
  • Fiber admission isn’t just connected with a lower occurrence of cardiovascular infection but also a slower movement of the ailment in high-chance people.
  • They help anticipate joint pain, irritation, erectile brokenness, stoutness, coronary illness, and cholesterol.
  • Acai berries are stacked with essential nutrients and minerals that help assemble a more healthy body, flush out toxins, and lift the immunity.
  • Acai berry is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, which improves the eyesight of your pet and prevents the damage of the retina.
  • By flushing out the toxins which are no longer working, it makes a new way for the neurons to function and enhances the communication among the brain cells.

Few limitations of feeding Acai berries to your pup:

Despite the fact that scientists and specialists have inferred that there are no destructive acai berry reactions from the utilization of the organic product, that doesn’t mean the chance of encountering symptoms are evaded. None of the reasons are essentially negative acai berry symptoms; however, it can be unintended if items are utilized in more prominent (a whole lot more noteworthy) than suggested measurements.

Dogs which have pollen allergies should avoid eating acai berries that effects can be seen in fur, near ears, and pads on their paw

Acai berries’ most common drawback is Appetite suppression, which means it acts as a natural weight loss supplement and detoxification aid. Theobromine present in it not only increases energy, but it also suppresses appetite.

The primary and most important side effects of acai berry when fed to dogs are Theobromine poisoning. Theobromine poisoning, also informally called chocolate poisoning. Dogs metabolize theobromine very slowly than humans.

In dogs, theobromine’s biological half-life is 17.5 hours; in severe cases, clinical symptoms of theobromine poisoning can persist for 72 hours. One ounce of chocolate per pound of bodyweight is a lethal dose that is short term poisoning potential for dogs.


On the whole, I would say, Appreciate acai as a smoothie or bowl, yet keep an eye out for the added sugars that are regularly found in the juices and solidified purees. At the same time, feeding dogs with Acai berries are not harmful unless you serve it in very minimal quantity and consult your VET before you include acai berries in your doggy meal to avoid further complications.

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